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Guys only please vote: WOULD YOU WEAR THIS SHIRT?

[I know how to edit but can’t figure out how to remove a post…but I’m adding here that I’m not going to make a men’s t-shirt right now, after seeing a ton of feedback to these t-shirt ideas on Facebook. I’ve bent my brain into a pretzel trying, and I think it’s just not in the cards right now. Hard to come up with an idea that men would actually WANT to wear that has my URL on it! If I do, I’ll take the metro-looking dude off it, put on a “handsome caveman” or nothing, print it on camo with black lettering, and use a font like Dodge uses for Ram trucks, thank you Tony Ricco. I loooooove feedback from GSG readers here or on FB, even if I don’t have time to respond to every comment, I READ THEM ALL. You got that, right? I LOVE YOU!]

Ladies, please feel free to vote after showing this shirt to your man. Yes or No? Also, which slogan do you like better,

Drink Your Salad


Real Men Eat Plants

Thanks for your feedback–it’s always invaluable! (I may have 6 brothers and 2 sons, and I’m in touch with my male side, but what men think is often still a complete mystery.)