Want to test our new Meal Planner / Shopping Lists book?

We’ve been hard at work, for months, on a companion booklet for 12 Steps to Whole Foods, that has 4 weeks of Menus, with Prep Notes, tips for saving time and money, and 4 weeks of corresponding shopping lists. It also has a list of store types that we shop at, and suggestions for which stores to buy whole-foods ingredients in.

We broke down the costs, and for a family of 4, we spent $100/week on groceries. There goes the idea that eating whole foods isn’t affordable!

We’ve had the request often to develop menu plans / shopping lists from people who are new, from people who don’t cook much, and from people who are used to the “diet” methodologies. (You know I’m resistant to that last thing….but on the other hand, I’m a believer in giving people what they want if it isn’t hurting anyone!)

So, would you like to test the planner for us? Just email support123@greensmoothiegirl.com and if you’re one of the first 10 to ask, Jenni or Jackie will send you a PDF copy.

To participate, you should already have 12 Steps to Whole Foods (and preferably you’ve been working in the course for a while–though that isn’t necessary).

What we ask from you is FEEDBACK after you follow the plan for a month. Anything and everything. Typos, recipes that made too much or too little, things you thought were too much work, ideas, give it all to me!

We’ll be happy to give you credit in the Foreword of the book as one of the editors, plus the printed copy of the book when it’s done.

And if there is any really ambitious 12 Stepper out there who wants to help in a bigger way (we’ll compensate you if you’re chosen), we wouldn’t mind having another 4 weeks of menu plans and shopping lists. Just tell Jenni that you’re interested in working for us on that.