ATV accident

This is a photo of me, my son Tennyson, and Citori and Jordan, the children of my friend Brent who is taking the photo. We were at the top of a mountain we had just climbed near Ephraim, Utah.

The picture was taken just a few minutes before I flipped the ATV I was driving with Tori on the back. I was taken off the mountain in a jeep and seen at the E.R. for a bruised kidney, sacral bone bruise, and concussion. I am very thankful to have no broken bones, because I remain in a tremendous amount of pain and spent the past 36 hours in bed after getting home from the hospital.

I tell you this story in the hopes that you WEAR A HELMET. I’m the one in the photo with the yellow helmet. You’ll notice that Brent’s family doesn’t wear helmets and I’m so thankful that Tori walked away from the accident with just a sore leg and foot where the 4-wheeler landed on her. (Jordan and Brent quickly got the machine off, which was spilling gasoline onto us.)

Brent took Tennyson to his games, took me to the hospital, sent flowers, and texted me this morning that he went home and cried because he couldn’t get the image out of his mind of me flying off the 4-wheeler, and lying in the dirt, and he felt responsible. Of course I could have said no to the proposal we go down a steep little ravine, and maybe things might have gone better if I didn’t run over that 4′ pine tree.

But if I got a concussion wearing a helmet, what would have happened if I didn’t?

Happy Father’s Day to all the men who provide for and love their children.

Tomorrow I’ll have some great recipes to use your early garden produce, from Michelle.

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  1. Hi Robyn, I am glad that you are o.k. Be careful…WE NEED YOU! I knew a lady from church that got hurt on an ATV and was in a full cast and in bed for a very looong time!

  2. Robyn, I’m glad your okay and pray your feeling much better and back to your regular actitivities very soon. (minus the ATV of course) Thank goodness you did have that helmet on and I’m glad to hear you have help at this time to allow recovery.

    Maybe they can help make you some smoothies.

    We all need you!!

    Best wishes

  3. Sorry to hear that you got hurt, Robyn! Am so glad you were wearing a helmet! I too was once saved by a helmet, and now wear one for any active sport like bicycling, roller skating, or ATVing! Good for you for having one on. Hope you heal quickly!

  4. So grateful you are ok and that not only a helmet, but God is watching over and protecting you. He loves you and needs your great blessing and work to continue as do we all. Prayers and gratitude for you.

  5. Wow, those sound like pretty serious injuries? Are you still in pain? I’m so glad you’ve made through that ATV accident alive and well. Are ATV’s really worth the risk, I don’t know anyone that owns them and has not had a major accident. I hope you recover quickly, and I Thank God you are in one piece.

    1. Day 3, pain is white hot and I am mostly immobile. I attempt the stairs about twice a day and it’s grueling. There’s a really intense stabbing pain in my low back with almost any movement.

  6. Oh man, a bruised kidney is the worst! It feels like a really intense kidney infection that never ends! I suffered from that when I was about 12 and accidently got kicked in the kidney in a karate class. I STILL remember the pain of that! My mother had me on ice for 3 days while constantly stuffing tumeric pills down me (took about 3 days for the tumeric to start working). She wouldn’t let me have the narcotic the doctor prescribed.

    1. I have been prescribed a narcotic….haven’t broken down and taken it though. I kind of want the escape sometimes, though, not gonna lie….not sure what’s going on that pain is so sharp, but it’s no fun.

  7. Hey Robyn glad your going to be ok! I am trying micro gardening do you have some recipes for little lettuce and spinach etc?

  8. I’m so glad you’re okay!! I got in an ATV accident back in 2009 and broke my pelvis in 4 spots. I’m lucky to be alive AND walking. This kind of accident is horrible to go through and I’m really glad nothing worse happened. You got really lucky!!!

  9. I hope you are feeling better soon Robyn. Heavenly Father was really watching over you! Please get some much needed rest and take care of yourself! We are looking forward to you here in Boise……………I’ll keep you in my prayers!


  10. My husband and I are avid Harley riders. I cannot stress enough the importance of wearing a helmet while riding any type of ATV or motorcycle. I once was involved in an accident where I hit my head on a cliff. I was not wearing a helmet. I was lucky to walk away with just a small amount of roadrash and a bruised leg. I don’t ride without my helmet now. I have known children who have needlessly lost their lives in ATV accidents, and a helmet may have saved them. I praise you for wearing your helmet!!! I hope you feel better soon. Lots of prayers and hugs for you. 😉

  11. Thinking of you while I’m reading this post drinking my green smoothie that I learnt how to make from you. I’m pretty sure your advice to someone else in the same situation would be to keep up all the green smoothies and it will help you heal. Best wishes for a quick recovery.

  12. Robyn,

    Lots of Greem Smoothies! They fix everything~ Robyn my thought and get well wishes are with you. I am so thankful you and everyone else involved was ok and YES wear helmets!



  13. So glad you are safe! My friend’s 7 year old daughter was killed several weeks ago when an ATV driven by her 11 year old sister flipped and landed on her.

  14. In a few days you might want to visit a chiropractor. Your pelvis could be slightly out of place and pressing on a nerve, causing considerable pain. If a nerve is being compressed, a chiropractor can really help!

  15. Hi Robyn, so thankfull that you are a little bit okay.

    Please try to be more careful.

    We neede persons like you.

    We will pray for a quick healing.

    Love you,

    Gert jan

  16. Glad you are all OK Robyn.

    In March, I had my first motorcycle accident in 30 years when on a dirt bike. Dislocated shoulder, cracked ribs and lots of soft tissue damage.

    Thing is, at 50 I feel like 25 but don’t bounce that well!

    Get well soon.

    1. Ken, Kristin and I had on our bucket list: “get motorcycles and learn to ride.” That has officially been taken OFF the bucket list this week…..I’m not all OK, just getting a little better every day and feeling lucky it isn’t worse. 🙂

  17. Robyn, Robyn, you sweet lucky girl. I know you don’t feel very lucky just yet, but I once had a friend who broke his spine in 4 places thanks to his ATV. He’s back to normal now, but it was very difficult on his family. My own husband took a nasty fall off his skateboard and crushed his helmet and broke his shoulder. Thank the Lord for helmets and other much needed blessings. Good luck with that narcotic-pain-killer decision. When I had my surgery, I took the drugs for about a day, then the side effects were worse than the pain so I quit the next day. Do what you gotta do to get well. You’re wonderful and beautiful and we all wish you well. 🙂

  18. Robyn, I was shocked to read of your misfortune, but happy to know you are still with us. Helmet or no helmet, clearly you still have work to do on this planet to help people find a healthier lifestyle. I hope your recovery is quick and that the worst is over for you. I’ll be thinking of you and sending positive energy your way. Hugs, Rita



    1. Linda, thanks for the kind wishes. We are still editing that video! (Some of the sound didn’t come out too great, but watch for it, and hopefully you’ll make the cut in the editing….). Much love,

  20. Robyn,

    I’m so glad you are ok! What a blessing! Please take good care of yourself! I know you’re a type 3 as I am but even we need to be nurtured and I hope you’re getting some. You’re such a great inspiration to so many of us and I thank you! Hope all will get better for you soon! My prayers are with you. Hugs!

  21. Ive ridden dirt bike motorcycles for 15 years and was in many Minor accidents and never broke or seriously injured anything.

    However , i would NEVER ride an ATV because those things are actually way more dangerous because the massive size and weight of them act as a weapon Against your body Once they flip or turn over which they do very easily. They are very unstable machines

    Sadly The ATV itself is what inflicts the most injury on People due to the Physics of it, and not any surrounding rocks, trees . Hitting a small tree on a Motorcycle and falling is not much of an issue , most that happens is usually some scrapes and bruises, but the huge size, weight, dimensions and Physics of an ATV work against you , they are a Night mare

  22. Robyn ,

    i have on an Old cd Lecture from the Portland Raw food Festival in 2004 that David Wolfe claims he healed a badly broken back due to football injuries using Vegetal Silica supplement , due to the Mineral Silicon, Lots of Organic raw green juices for the Magnesium , and Heavy doses of Vitamin C whole food supplements like Pure Radiance C and MSM powder .

    He said this combo is very effective and stated if he didnt do this he believes he would Never have healed his broken vertebrae back on just Raw foods alone.

    Not sure if its true but i found it interesting and thought Provoking.

  23. Hi Robyn,

    So sorry to hear that you are in so much pain. I will send prayers and reiki energy for your quick recovery. You might also want to check out EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). It works with the energy meridians, like acupuncture, but without needles. You can do it yourself and learn about it at You can download a free manual, which will teach you how to do it. It works well for pain and will help clear the emotional aspects of the whole experience. Feel better soon!

  24. Hi Robyn,

    Yikes – I will be praying for you!! God was watching over you. Keep us posted on how you’re doing. Yes, helmets are a must. We downhill ski, and I make sure we all have properly fitted helmets before we hit the slopes!

    Get better soon!!


  25. Hi Robyn,

    So glad you are ok… Hope u will soon be all healed up and feeling 100%. We do need you… Thank God you had your helmet on and you didn’t get hurt worse… I hope that your friends who didn’t wear their helmets got a wake up call and saw how different things could have been for you if you hadn’t been wearing yours. I pray they too will wear theirs next time… Be blessed for all the ways that you bless others… : )

  26. Dear Robin,

    only now I read about your accident. I am so glad it is not worse, although bad enough. I wish you a quick recovery! When in America I always think these ATV are a dangerous toy, specially when really small children race around. We do not have these in Switzerland.

    I am still desperately waiting for my Bledtech to arrive from the US. My fault: the firm here offered me a white or a black one—-but I wanted RED. Cant wait to start with the green smoothies.

    All the best and thanks for your work and mails.


  27. Hi Robyn, I am sorry to hear about your adventure going a little off track.

    It is glad to hear you and the children are ok.

    I hope all hear your message about helmets and wear them as you know they are a life saver.

    All The Best for a speedy recovery.

    Regards NeilB

  28. Hopefully Robin, you are open to energy healing of some kind (as guided). Whenever there is trauma the energy body holds the muscles they were at the time of the trauma and so you can do PTherapy, etc. forever, but unless you release the trauma from the energy body (the body we have before we are in a physical Earth suit), the problems can continue on and on. Lots of different modalities. I use Reconnective Healing (which I personally love). Hope you will use / consider / find one you resonate with and send lots of love and blessings to you for continued healing. xxoo

  29. It’s a good thing that you are soo healthy. You should heal quickly. I’m praying for you smoothie girl. Take care and thanks for all that you do. You are amazing. Hugs to you! Terry

  30. Robyn, Happy to hear you’ve sworn off ATV’s. About 5-6 years ago, my grand nephew was thrown off an ATV when driving on a paved highway while vacationing in Cyprus. He and 2 friends had just graduated from Highschool in Israel. Before starting the army after highschool there, it is now a rite of passage to travel outside the country. He discussed with his parents whether he could rent a motor cycle or an ATV (called Tractoron in Israel). His mother thought that the Tractoron was safer and made him promise to wear a helmet. No one really knows what happened to cause him to be thrown off the machine. One of the friends who rented a motorcycle went back to the hotel ahead of the other two who were riding on the same ATV. The second young man on the ATV was also thrown off and he too was immediately unconscious. (He had no memory of the event, but is now doing very well.) My g’nephew remained in a coma. His grandfather arranged to have 2 highly respected neurologists from Israel helicopter together to Cyprus to independently examine the boy. Both agreed that there was no hope for him to recover. So he was airlifted back to a hospital in Israel where his parents agreed that as many of his organs as possible should be harvested for transplant to those in need. Israel is a religious democracy whose laws are dictated by the Orthodox Rabbinate. According to Jewish religious law, burial should occur ASAP after the death, and the body, whether in a coma or after death, should not be cut open (except for life-saving surgery). Because of his parents’ decision, my g’nephew’s death was announced on the front page of almost every newspaper in Israel. (Slowly, the Rabbis are beginning to rule that transplant IS permissible as they or a family member has benefited from receiving a transplant). So, Robyn, now you understand why I’m relieved that you decided not to ride on ATV’s anymore.

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