My tennis team stages a DRUG INTERVENTION

My team staged a drug intervention for me, last weekend.

We participated in a tournament that, if we won it, gave us a wild-card seat at our Districts playoffs in August, without having to win our division. By Saturday at 7 p.m., I’d played three matches in less than 24 hours, and won all three. We also had three team wins. That put us in the finals match against Sports Mall, whom we have always considered our fiercest competition.

Our captain, Pam, had me slated to play singles in the final match, and she was strategizing the lineup to be able to count on 3 wins and 2 losses—I was one of the wins she needed to bank on.

I’ve been struggling with Plantar Fasciitis for over a year. It went away for a few months in the winter, but when I’m playing tennis almost daily, it comes back, and it HURTS.

Plus two of my toes were banged up and bleeding, with a nail threatening to fall off, from so much high-impact in the summer heat, in the same shoes. My bloody sock was draped over my armrest, and I was sitting there icing my foot after the 3rd match, when the little army of my 7 teammates confronted me.

Them: We want you to take these. [They point at 4 Ibuprofen they’ve laid out on the table.]

Me, laughing: You guys, I never take drugs. If I take those, I’ll probably have to go curl up in the corner of the court and sleep it off. Or it might make me loopy. Or something. Who knows.

Them, sternly, hands on hips: Take TWO then.

Me: [long pause] All right, okay, how about this: I’ll take ONE!

So I did. I won my singles match easily, in two sets, as darkness fell, and my team pulled out the 3 wins that we needed to take the tournament and go to Districts.

I guess I’m not that extreme even though I don’t have any Advil or Tylenol in my house. There’s a time and a place. Like, when you’re being pressured by a bunch of mom-athletes ganged up on you with their hands on their hips! You’ve heard of “interventions” to get someone to STOP taking drugs? I wonder if what happened last weekend is the first time an intervention has been staged to make someone TAKE them!

The photo is of the four of us who played every match and didn’t lose any: Shelli, Meagan, Pam, and me. GO TEAM!