Ashley and Hazel: an inspiring story

I have a lifelong fascination with stories of people who are in the darkest hour of their lives and find a way out. I’m endlessly inspired, awed, and humbled when people prove who they are, in their extremities, and I’m privileged to be witness to it.

Ashley came to my class in Sandy, Utah last week, and patiently waited for over an hour afterwards to tell me the amazing story of her adorable two-year old.

Hazel was diagnosed with Failure to Thrive in her first year of life, along with several auto-immune problem (asthma, eczema, allergies). She’s now healthy, normal weight, and thriving.

I am so impressed by parents who take the road less traveled because they question status quo or authority, do their own research, and listen to their intuition. Check out Ashley’s incredible story HERE, on video, and feel free to encourage Ashley and other moms who are up all night with their children’s desperate health problems–searching, questioning, hoping.