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my comments about preventive antibiotics, part 3 of 3

I guess I don’t value the “written protocols and standards of care” much–easy for me to say as I’m not a practitioner–but I have watched with dismay as we’ve become more and more prevention-drug oriented, and I’m doubtful about whether there’s any benefit to the public health. Sure, we take an AB before a procedure and chances of infection are less, but at what cost?

If it were me, I would probably do colloidal silver, megadoses of Vitamin C, and the herb Goldenseal, and oregano essential oil before and after the procedure. But then, I have a strong immune system. (That wasn’t always true. In my 20′s when I ate the S.A.D., I was constantly sick. I had allergies and eczema, both autoimmune conditions.)

If I were overweight, eating the S.A.D., with an already weakened immune system, I might go for the AB. In that case, I would have less confidence in my own body’s ability to regain equilibrium.  Then, of course, we’d have that classic syndrome: the weak get weaker (while the strong get stronger).

These are some of the insightful things said by readers in response to Dr. L’s letter to me:

Go with your gut, and don’t live at extreme ends of the spectrum (anti-drug-at-all-cost, or take-every-drug-because-a-doctor-said so). -Tiffany

Joint-replacement surgery is a big, expensive deal and you don’t want to jeopardize it. -Melissa

Everyone’s individual and I wouldn’t insist on pre-procedure antibiotics. Have the patient sign an “informed consent” and let it go. Patients want individualized care. DENTISTS AND SURGEONS SHOULD INSIST ON GREENS AND PRE-PROCEDURE PROBIOTICS and refuse to do the procedure if patients don’t do this preventative care.   -Dr. Denise Punger

My child died from a reaction to antibiotics for ear infection, and you can’t be tested for it.   -mom2css

Antibiotics don’t always protect you, and it’s protection for the dentist but not always protection for the patient. -Blanche

Freedom of choice is critical and doctors can get consent forms from the patient to release them from liability.   Let’s find out what the real risk is and watch for “fear based propaganda.”   –Tammie

Use colloidal silver, essential oils, and a GSG lifestyle….but don’t take deadly risks. -Dentist’s wife

It’s easier to take the Rx and not fill it, than to argue with the doctor. -Lori  

p.s. from Robyn about Lori’s comment:  Docs can (and sometimes do) also report you to Division of Family Services if you don’t do what they want you to, so I agree that arguing and “taking a stand” is NOT best. That’s a difficult position to be in, as you have far fewer rights when DFS investigates and/or intervenes, than you would if you were accused of a felony and went before a judge. I used to research families who sought natural medicine and rejected standard medical protocols, and I encountered a number of them who lost their kids to foster care, and lost their financial stability and emotional health, in the ensuing legal battle when a doctor joined forces with Attorneys General and Guardians ad litem.

Tomorrow, I list the great ideas submitted by readers for alternatives to antibiotics, so you can print it and start being empowered to use natural means to support your immune system rather than declare nuclear war on it.

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