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I am coming to ARIZONA to teach free classes, can’t wait!

I’m teaching July 7 in Tucson, Arizona, sign up HERE!

And July 8 in Mesa, sign up HERE.

Sedona  HERE, and West Phoenix  HERE, on Saturday, July 9.

I love Arizona and can’t wait to meet some GSG readers there….if you have an amazing story, like James and Ashley (see my YouTube vids of them HERE and HERE), I want to talk to you before or after class so you can inspire others (and me!) like these two courageous young people have. They’re both in their 20’s: one lost 90 lbs. and one turned Failure to Thrive diagnosis into a happy, healthy, beautiful baby.

If you have friends in Tucson, Sedona, Phoenix, or Mesa, and you think they want to get all pumped up about improving their nutrition, send them to me with a link to this blog entry,  and I will take very good care of them. Oooh, don’t forget that I have a contest going; Leanna in Bakersfield, CA, had 15 of her friends show up and she won $250 of free stuff on And we give away free t-shirts to everyone, and $300 in free stuff at every class.

See you soon in the desert!