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Nick’s comments about his ionizer

Received today via email: Dear GreenSmoothieGirl: About 3 years ago I participated in the water ionizer group buy.   Some of the benefits I enjoyed soon after I received it were:   noticably more energy within the first week; the end and I mean the end of restless leg syndrome that I had been experiencing […]

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St. George free class May 12….and 2011 ionizer group buy NEXT WEEK

Sign up here for my free class in St. George, Utah May 12! And, next week is our annual group buy for water ionizers. I believe you can do as much to alkalize your body drinking alkaline water, as you can eating a 100% raw plant-based diet. (And it’s so easy.) So once a year […]

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a tour of the BULK FOODS ROOM in a health food store

Lots of people walk into a health food store and have no clue what to buy! So I’ve done a bunch of videos showing some of my favorite things in a typical natural foods store. Today here’s my video about the BULK FOODS ROOM! Feel free to ask your questions here and I’ll try to […]

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I’m in love with Katie Thompson

I went to this concert with my BFFs Kristin and Matthew.  Katie Thompson is a Broadway singer / songwriter who was in town doing a concert and album launch party. We were on the front row. (Here’s a photo of Matthew and me.) Kristin and I sat there with our jaws dropped from beginning to […]

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Today is Health-Nut Appreciation Day!

My friend Matthew made me realize that bucking popular culture to eat a different, healthier, plant-based diet, is so much easier when your support system is…..well, supportive. Matthew: thank you for always ooh-ing and aah-ing when you come over to my house for a green smoothie, or when I bring you one. For loving whatever […]

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free classes in Sandy and Riverdale in May

I was thinking that locally everyone was ready for a GSG break and I’d go back to The Good Earth in the fall with my free green smoothie clinic. The purpose of this class is to introduce people to quick, do-able ways to get more whole foods in their diet, and to inspire them in […]

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San Diego, thank you! Part 2 of 2

Stacy emailed me a few days later that Sasha said to her, “Mommy, ya know me and the Green Smoothie Girl, how BOTH of us were wearing high heels? Yeahhhhh, I mean… she had boots on, but STILL– we both were wearing high heels!” Stacy wrote: “Sasha is all about the shoes. You got her […]

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San Diego, thank you! Part 1 of 2

I really enjoyed meeting many amazing friends in San Diego last Weds. night, before the wedding festivities of one of my BFF’s. Thursday we did Sea World and had a party that night. Friday morning before the wedding, we–the four best friends, and the bride–went for a five-mile run along the water. Just like we […]

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Marathon Birthday Party

Jennie said to me on the ski lift during yesterday’s Marathon Birthday Celebration, as she called it (she’s my friend that recently converted from a pure-junk diet to an 80% raw diet): “You know what I like best about eating this way? It’s that after a workout I feel good. Instead of exhausted, like I […]

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On turning 30: what a difference 6 months makes!

No, I’m not turning 30. (That was LAST year.) My friend Jennie is. To celebrate, today we decided to do our favorite activities all day long just to prove that we’re still young. We’re snowboarding at Brighton all day (after Jennie promised I don’t have the ski the trees). And then playing tennis for hours […]

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