Today is Health-Nut Appreciation Day!

My friend Matthew made me realize that bucking popular culture to eat a different, healthier, plant-based diet, is so much easier when your support system is…..well, supportive.

Matthew: thank you for always ooh-ing and aah-ing when you come over to my house for a green smoothie, or when I bring you one. For loving whatever is in my dehydrator, or my fridge, or whatever I bought you at Good Earth that day, that I feed you. You always make me feel so happy about the effort I make to feed my family right and nurture my friends to a better place in their nutrition. You help me feel that just because I’m not quite “normal” doesn’t mean I’m “bad.”

Last night, after Zumba, Matthew was drinking green smoothie, and munching on sprouted almonds and flax crackers and brown-rice crisps with guacamole. I said, “That basil-tomato soup I got you today? It’s the best thing that’s ever been in my mouth–and you haven’t said anything about it.”

He said, “It’s so awesome! But look at me! I’m surrounded by amazing food!” (He lists it all.) “It’s all so good that my ADD is off the charts here, I’m having so much fun!”

OMG, I love you so much, Matthew. (In the middle of the snack-fest, he got up and did a parody of a video he wants to make with me: searching my house for Twinkies and cans of Coke. Inappropriately walking behind me and checking me out. Noisily ransacking cupboards, yelling WHERE ARE THE CHEETOHS?!, while I talk to the camera.)

I won’t dwell on this, but many of my readers feel torn down and discouraged in their beginning stages of a nutrition overhaul, or even a year or two into it, by friends and family who criticize.

On behalf of anyone who sends you a link to this blog, I want to offer our most sincere thanks for supporting us….and to anyone whose support we WISH we had, let me say this about that:


Regardless of your own dietary path, thank you for supporting mine! I’m trying to eat lower on the food chain, to be kinder to the Earth and animals. I’m trying to eat natural foods rather than things from cans, boxes, and the drive-thru, because I want to nurture my body. I want to offer these foods, with love, to people I care about. Including you. It’s okay if you say no, or if you don’t like it.

But thank you so much for encouraging me. Because it’s a difficult path! There are landmines everywhere–my old addictions, fast food on every corner, people showing me love with gifts of food I’m trying to eliminate, social eating. My path is so much easier and more enjoyable with the love and support of “my people!”

(Feel free to send the link to this blog to those YOU love, who encourage you, who bravely try your samples, who take a minute to tell you that you AND your food are beautiful. Like Matthew does for me.)

From me (GreenSmoothieGirl) to your friends and family: thank you a MILLION times over, if you are encouraging one of my readers! Because of your support, they will do many cool things.

They will influence others for good, they will support good agricultural practices and over time make produce and organics less expensive. They will raise children who won’t tax our economy with health crisis. They will be more productive, more healthy (body, mind, and spirit), and more even-tempered, kind, and loving as they continue down this path.

If your friend is trying to go down a path to MORE whole foods, and FEWER processed and animal foods, know that he or she needs support more than anything else! Just because she has a commitment to natural, healthy diet doesn’t mean you won’t see her make a less-than-optimal choice sometimes. But please tell her how impressed you are with her progress.

Know that he isn’t judging you, and it’s not relative to your choices. He knows you are on your own path. When you’re ready, come along with us.

I am so grateful to those who support us in our quest to learn the truth about nutrition and then practice it!

XOXO, much love from

Robyn (GreenSmoothieGirl)–and the friend who sent you this link!