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free classes in Sandy and Riverdale in May

I was thinking that locally everyone was ready for a GSG break and I’d go back to The Good Earth in the fall with my free green smoothie clinic. The purpose of this class is to introduce people to quick, do-able ways to get more whole foods in their diet, and to inspire them in a positive way towards making better nutrition choices.

But I put   up an Orem Good Earth class for 100 (with a short lecture by Dr. Michelle Jorgenson with me on nutrition and dental health). And it filled, with a big waitlist, before I even mentioned it here on the blog.

So, I assume there’s a demand here, and I’ve scheduled additional free classes in SANDY on May 26 and RIVERDALE on May 25. If you’re waitlisted for Orem, consider signing up for Sandy?

We are going to do LOTS of giveaways, and you get a special bonus of a 15-minute lecture (in Sandy and Orem) by Dr. Michelle Jorgenson about how nutrition affects your dental health. It’s a LOT more than just “sugar rots your teeth.”

Hope to see you at one of these classes!

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