Longevity Conference, Newport Beach Party House

I am so DONE with the HyperThrive Tour Party house!

At the end of Hot Yoga in L.A. (not so hardcore as in Seattle, only 118 degrees instead of 120), all 200 lbs. and 6’4″ of Brent Hauver toppled and hit the ground in Tree Pose. It’s hateful to have balance problems when you’re that tall because you have so far to fall! I think fewer and fewer at the Party House are gonna participate in Hot Yoga next time since I throw somebody under the bus on my blog when we get back.

Brent, seriously, I love you. You look really, really good for 65 years old. (He’s wearing handlebar mustache in the photo.)

Here’s why I’m not staying in a house full of all-nighter, drunk-on-raw-kombucha dudes anymore.

Friday night, 1:30 a.m. I’m minding my own business, ASLEEP. Suddenly water is raining down on me and something very loud is clattering onto the floor. I wake up terrified–it’s worse when you’re not in your own bed.

Disoriented, I leaped out of bed and ran in the hall. Froze. Turned around and raced back into my room to put a towel around myself. Then I woke up enough to realize that I was being ridiculous. So I walked over to investigate, saw that it was the window screen, which was wet. I assume it was raining and somehow fell into the room. I shut the window, locked my bedroom door, climbed into my now-wet bed and went back to sleep.

Early in the morning I got up for a five-mile run along the Newport Beach boardwalk. That’s when I saw the floor covered in unbroken water balloons. As I got back to the house, all the guys were outside. “Did those kids throw water balloons at your window last night?” they asked, feigning innocence.

Duh. Like I was born yesterday. 40-year old children, I tell you.

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. That night I stayed up late and catapulted water balloons into the ocean with Tony and Brent holding the catapult, until a neighbor lady yelled at us and they ran away like scared 9-year olds.

I’m so done. Next time I’m staying at the Marriott.

During the day, we sat in lectures on health and longevity, and had meetings and made videos and planned and plotted how to change the world for the better. We will be touring a lot for the rest of the year, in various U.S. and Canadian cities and multiple islands in Hawaii. We’re for sure about Austin and Vegas. I’m going to Lassen’s Markets in California. Avocado and I are going to take on Ontario and Kauai, where his two homes are.

Where else should we go? Tell us because we’re nailing it down in the next two weeks!

I’m also planning a type of Lilith Fair of Health and Wellness, with some women with huge online followings who are phenomenal speakers with a ton to offer. One’s a fitness celeb and the other is a NY Times bestselling author. We will cover integrated and crucial topics every woman should be educated in: nutrition, fitness, and thyroid health. Exciting things coming up!

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  1. I am 35 miles northeast of Pittsburgh PA!! Would love to see you come close, Monsters, Rock Star and 5 hour energy are their own food group around here……scares me to death!

  2. Pleeeeeease come to New England, specifically Rhode Island, I’m converting a bunch of people here to green smoothies, even my 12 year old daughter brought a gallon of green smoothie at school for her class to taste and also made a demonstration of how to make it in her Spanish class. Please, begging.

  3. Come South, young lady, come South! I would travel to Georgia or Alabama, but of course I’d love for you to come to Nashville. Heaven knows, I think Tennessee is one of the most overweight states! The city I live in, there are TONS of folks who are interested in health: Spring Hill!

  4. Come to upstate NY – Glens Falls NY – home of Jimmer. We’d love to see you. Of course, I’ll travel to any Northeast city if you can’t make it to our neck of the woods!

  5. Please consider a stop in the Heartland…Kansas City would be a great site. We really love our BBQ here. Still, I think you will find lots of people hungry for change and inspiration.

  6. Come to Indianapolis. We have weight problems here in the Midwest. Carmel is nearby and has a Whole Foods. Perhaps they can host?

  7. How funny! You know I grew up across the street from Brent Hauver! His Younger Sister was my very best friend all growing up. I can’t imagine seeing him fall over from tree pose! How funny! He’s totally not 65 yet though! 😉 He is quite amazing and knows tons when it comes to help. He’s a lot of the inspiration behind things my mom taught me and what I have continued to learn about health! We love Brent around here in fact ask my husband his name probably comes up weekly. I really ought to go home for a visit sometime soon I’d love to rack his brain some more!

  8. How about Nebraska? I don’t see any votes for that, yet. Although I’d travel to Denver if I had to. (I like your hair, too, btw)

  9. Please come to the Portland, Oregon area. I was so disappointed when after I discovered you, found out that you were just in my area of Sandy the week prior! I’ll make sure not to miss you next time!

  10. Kathy, I’ve gotta know who else is from Glens Falls! Both myself and my parents grew up there, my brother is in high school there now.

  11. Come to the Coeur d Alend area! It is so pretty up here and there is a store called Pilgrims that hosts health seminars (Jordan rubin just spoke last month!). It would be AMAZING to have you come here! You could stay at the coeur d alene resort too, it’s beautiful, right on the lake and next door to a great place to go on a hike (Tubbs hill). This would be a perfect way to get some of my family and friends to join me on my journey to health.

    1. Renee, I should work that out–my grampa is in a home there. (91 years old.) So I have a place to stay. In his wife’s home, not in “THE” home….

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