Readers’ Favorite Recipes!

Remember way back when, that I asked you for your favorite healthy recipes? Looks like we’re gonna be publishing another book! I asked for submissions and Jackie on my customer support team has quietly been putting that book together.

I forgot we even did that, and then she hands me this 186-page book last week! And we don’t even have photos yet. Wow, good stuff! My mouth was watering, reading through the recipes.

We’ll be working on editing, photography, and design in the next several weeks.

So meantime, if you’re new here and you want your recipes in it, please hurry and email them to Jackie at Then when the book comes out, you can request a free copy of the PDF.

What I want is your favorite recipes—if you haven’t changed them, then give credit where the recipe comes from. We want whole foods, especially raw, plant ingredients. Anything you love, that’s what we want! Sandwiches, soups, breakfasts, treats, dinners, salads, juices and smoothies, snacks, dips, crackers, sauces—inquiring minds want to know.

Everybody loves a recipe book of other people’s favorites. Those are always the best cookbooks!

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  1. should I still email the recipe to support or will that complicate things by maybe putting the recipe in twice?!

  2. I think I may have already submitted this recipe way back when ,but I want to share it because I am in love with it!
    Lentil Sloppy joes:

    Since we are gluten free–we eat them with the leaves of the romaine hearts we get at costco (my kids fight over the little tiny leaves in the middle making a tiny cute lettuce crunch wrap)– I just spread a little of the lentils across the lettuce and eat away–I LOVE them! 🙂 they freeze well too since they are already mushy and I can pop one out of the freezer and have a quick lunch.
    will I still get a free pdf of the cookbook or do I need to submit an original recipe—I’ve made up a couple but they aren’t perfect.

    1. You will still get a copy of the book–we are going to have to contact the authors in the cases of submissions that came from someone’s book/site. Working on that.

    1. Yeah, if I put out a recipe (such as in Big Book of Green Smoothies) that has soy milk in it, for instance, even though it’s submitted by a reader….we get flooded with emails asking why would GSG put that in her book. So it’s easier to just edit them because substitutions are EASY.

    1. We are pretty much using everyone’s recipes, so just submit your faves! However, when they use ingredients I don’t feel are good, I am making substitutions and giving credit like this: Submitted by Brooke, modified by Robyn.

  3. Robyn, I have a couple of questions. Wouldn’t it be beneficial to add other veggies to the green smoothies, or do the greens themselves take care of all nutritional needs? Also, what do you eat when you’re not drinking smoothies?
    Thanks! Nell

    1. Nell, if your ONLY whole-foods experience in the day is going to be green smoothie, then YES, add other things. I eat veggies in other forms, during the rest of the day. Night shade, root vegetables, etc. If you want to see what else I eat besides smoothies, check out my 12 Steps to Whole Foods program. The Complete Course has over 550 recipes in every category imaginable!

  4. If anyone has gluten-free/vegan anything! Especially breads…please send them in… I will definitely buy the book! Thanks

    1. I want to do a 12 Steps to Whole Foods: Gluten Free version. However, most of my recipes are gluten free naturally, and those that aren’t are easy to do substitutions.

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