Longevity Conference this weekend

Here’s our little mashup video this weekend from Seattle! Where shall we go next?? Tell me!

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  1. I would love to see you come out to Chicago. Naperville is another great area to stop on your tour. I attended the Veggie Fest in Naperville last year which was located on the grounds of the Science of Spirituality Meditation Center, 4S175 Naperville Road, Naperville, Il 60563.

    I live in St. Charles which is about 40 miles west of Chicago.

    I am a holistic nutrition consultant and would love to learn more from you and David Wolfe!

    Thank you for your consideration.


  2. Please come to Cleveland! This has to be one of the heaviest cities in the country and it seems like everyone struggles with their weight, including me. I belong to Chagrin Valley Women’s League and Working Women Connection and we can promote it so it would be worth your while.

    Thanks for your consideration!



  3. I know we’re small in numbers, but I would love for you to come to Montana. Helena would be ideal since it is very centrally located. Only an hour or two from most of the other “major” towns, and also that’s where I live:)

  4. Come to Sioux Falls, SD. It is the largest city in our state, located in the southeastern corner of the state with a population of about 155,000. It is a regional medical community with two large hospitals (Sanford, named after the man who has given several hundred million dollars to the hospital) and Avera McKennen (Catholic) both of which have extensive smaller hospitals & clinics in the four state area. It is home to two colleges, Augustana (Lutheran) and The University of Sioux Falls (Baptist), and has several large credit card businesses as well as a sizeable professional class (lawyers, accountants, etc., which always go along with a large medical community. (I know, I sound like I work for the dept. of tourism but I don’t.) It is just a nice, smaller city where, I think, your message will be well attended and received. I enjoy your emails very much.

  5. Please come to Virginia!!! I’d love you to come to Hampton, Virginia or Virginia Beach. The East Coast needs you!!!!!!

  6. Would love to see you guys anywhere near Pensacola, Florida….or nearby cities, New Orleans, Biloxi or Mobile!!

  7. How about Rochester NY ??? We’ve survived yet another Upstate NY winter, and can use as much GREEN as we can get !!!

    Love your site – keep up the great work 🙂

    Be well and whole,


  8. I live 35 miles outside of Pittsburgh, PA….and let me tell you nachos and cheese are a food group here!

    I would love to have you guys speak close enough that I can attend!!!

  9. Please come to the southern states….like Florida…there are a ton of places that would be willing to hold your conference.

  10. Got Sun? Jacksonville Florida!

    We’ve got Sun. We’ve got an Ocean! The hurricanes always skip around us. We’ve got the most loving local farmers! We have a raw food kitchen, Shakti Life Kitchen (I am the grateful head gal), Did I say we’ve got Sun? Cuz We’ve Got Lots Of Sun!

    Let’s spread the word, let’s inspire!! I teach raw classes, but I need help!

    Will you help me?

    : )

    In Bliss,

    Kelley Loughran

  11. I vote for speaking in the Draper area (so my husband can attend) and in the Boise, ID area (so my extended family can attend)!

    Thanks Robyn!!!!


  12. I am a Weight Watchers participant and I have a green smoothie each morning. In it I put:

    1-WeightWatchers French Vanilla Smoothie mix

    1 1/2 cup pure coconut water

    1/2 cup raw kefir liquid

    2 cups of raw, organic, baby spinach

    1 rounded teaspoon of Tocotreniels

    1 teaspoon organic coconut milk powder

    1 frozen banana

    3-4 ice cubes

    Then I blend all ingredients until smooth and drink.

    It would be wonderful if you could have a conference in either Orlando or West Palm Beach, FL

  13. Please come speak in Iowa City, Iowa. The New Pioneer Coop is a thriving regional health food store that has been around for decades and is in the heart of the heartland, doing a lot to support local farmers and to promote healthy nutritional practices. Its membership is considerable. I bet the co-op community would love to hear your presentation and could find a venue locally for it. The University of Iowa is here in Iowa City. Please consider visiting Iowa City! http://newpi.coop/

  14. I wish you two would come to Memphis, TN. I know its far but we would love to have you! I have both Robyns and David’s books. Plus we are a tristate area.

  15. Las Vegas! Yes, come here!!! We are much more than a city of gamblers and fore-closed homes! There are teal people here who like to eat healthy.

  16. Des Moines, Iowa

    We have a strong whole foods movement going on here. You have a great event to bring here that will help promote what the farmers and coops are doing. Plus obviously we have a huge ag business problem here that is making people sick. We need all the help we can get!


    Scott Nelson


  17. Heck what am I thinking!

    Iowa State University in Ames (30 min. from Des Moines) Lots of really cool auditormy space here – and young people looking to learn.

    Scott Nelson


  18. I think you should come to Logan and spread the Green Smoothie movement here. I bought my blender from Kitchen Kneads and love the difference I feel when I drink my daily dose!

    Thanks for your efforts and what you do.

  19. I would love for you to speak in Pleasanton, California. It’s a great location for anyone in the bay area.

  20. How do I get your schedule? I’m in Draper, Utah and would love to come to one of your seminars.

    Shirlyn’s in Draper has little meetings that they offer for thier customers, I know Jordan Rubin was there last week. Just a thought


    Jamie Foote

  21. I think you should return to New York, NY because last spring you had to cancel at the last minute due to a rainstorm. The rooftop would have been dangerous and I know lots of people who were disappointed.

  22. Please come to Reno, Nevada. We have a growing raw food community here. We also have a Whole Foods Market and a wonderful Food COOP. These places are raising awareness. It would be great if you could come here. I would be happy to help you publicize your visit.

  23. Hi Robin,

    Please come to St. George again and speak for the Vegetarian Society of Utah! What do you charge? We have a venue already that we use monthly. Our programs are every 4th Tuesday night and we need someone for the 3rd and 4th quarters.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    April Ashcroft

    Vegetarian Society of Utah

    Event Coordinator

  24. Robyn,

    As a long time follower of you and David Wolfe I think both of you should come to Cleveland, Ohio as soon as you can! We could certainly use some of the “best day ever” energy here!

    Now give me the “best day ever” and let me know when David and you are coming!


  25. you should come to Sloan Creek Middle School, Hart Elementary and Lovejoy High School , all in the Lovejoy school district in Lucas, TX north of Dallas.

  26. Come on up to Santa Cruz, CA!

    Dovey was here recently at our local Costco, giving her presentation on the Blentec. I was very impressed, so I bought one. I must admit though that I have been struggling a bit with it.

    Good luck tonight in San Diego. I would love to hear you talk.

    Keep up the good work!


  27. Hi Robyn!

    I just love what you are doing! Thanks you so much for opening the eyes of so many, my daughter loves your junk food dude book, she brought it to school and the teacher read it to the class she just loved it too, I would love if you would come to Canada! Edmonton Alberta!!! I’d love to be inspired in person!!!


  28. Do you have plans to come to the east coast? I live in southern PA but would drive to the DC or Baltimore area for a seminar or conference!

  29. Come on up to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada!

    Steel City, at the head of Lake Ontario, with metropolitan pop. of 500, 000.

    Similarities to Pittsburg in its development.

  30. Hi,

    I would love for you to come to southern Cali. I live in the South Bay area and would love to have you here!

    Thanks so much for all you do. The information you provide is amazing.


  31. Robyn,

    Come to Saint George!!! I am a newby to green smoothies and my hubby and I have been drinking them for a month now and love them! We are ready to take it to the next level and learn more about raw food eating. Trying to get my mom in on this journey also. We need to know where we go next. We would love to see you down here!!

  32. Please come to Utah!!!! I love David Wolfe and he has changed my life with his information. I own all his books and it has been my dream to meet him. I will travel anywhere in Utah and miss work or school any day to see him speak live. Please hold a conference here! Provo/Orem area would be best for me, but anywhere in Salt Lake area is good too.

  33. You should come visit the East coast and stop in Herndon, Virginia! It is close to DC (45min drive) and 5 minutes from the Dulles Airport.

    We would be super excited to have you!

  34. I know you were just here, but please come pack to Portland Oregon! We can’t get enough of you and it would be fun to meet David. PLZZZZZ!

  35. San Luis Obispo, CA area, Please!

    We have only one raw vegan restaurant. Be Love Cafe, serving beautifully prepared food.

    Here is their website:


    There is nothing in north SLO county, where I live. Paso Robles, is a growing wine region, with many nice restaurants serving lots of gourmet cheese, and meat.

    We need your input!

  36. Anywhere in the New York City metro area — Hit New York, New Jersey (preferably in Bergen County) and Connecticut — We fans are legion and you’d fill all your venues!!!

  37. Second vote for Houston! I teach and promote green smoothies to my customers at the farmers markets.

    You could make two stops and hit Austin too! We’ll make it a better experience than you had in San Antonio!

  38. WHITEFISH, MONTANA….is a magical place in awe-inspiring Nature, sprouting with deep levels of consciousness and very in tune with Mama Earth. Our community and leaders in the health/awareness/love mission are being called to merge/share and learn from one another! We would be honored!

  39. WOW!!! Looks like you gotta go on tour.

    Please come to St. George, Utah. We’re only 300 miles south of you. It’s warm and it’s a retirement community, so believe me when I say, “We need you here, GSG.

  40. San Diego CA, you got 150 to come tonight for your free talk! By the way are we still on if it rains tonight? Woohhooo!=) ❤

  41. Come to Ann Arbor Michigan ! Just moved here myself. Seems to be a great place for GSG! So excited for spring and the farmers markets!!!

  42. Greenville, SC!!! It’s beautiful here. I promise you’ll fall in love with this place and the people here. Not to mention we have great weather. Oh, and lots of people that love to eat their greens — they just don’t know there is a way to do it without adding fatback to it! Come share your knowledge with us!

  43. You ABSOLUTELY should speak in Clearwater, Florida at NATURE’S FOOD PATCH, which is one of the finest stores of it’s type you will ever see! It also is about 10-15 minutes from Clearwater Beach, and is near many other attractions in the area. If you will email me or call, I will contact the manager of the store and set this up for you. You may reach me at 727-375-1673. I look forward to hearing from you.

  44. Meat free recipes **** I have cancer and have had to stop eating meat. The meat produces lactic acid in the body and an overload of this acid in the body can and will produce cancers and to add sugars and foods that turn to sugar in the body a time bomb for some of us.

    Wishing you well,

    Tom Bleckley

  45. Come to Mt Shasta and if that’s not a large enough place then how about Ashland Oregon with a side visit to Mt. Shasta. SOU (Sourthern Oregon University) is in Ashland and a raw food restaurant and music venue recently opened in Ashland. There are also quite a few vegetarian and vegan restaurants with raw option. Northern CA/Southern OR would love to see you and if you want the best water around visit any of the many natural springs in Mt. Shasta where the water is literally gushing out of the ground an out of the mountain. Come see us soon!!!!!

  46. Please come to Portland, OR – we have lots of awesome crunchie folks who would love to see you guys! I’ll help you find a venue or anything else you need to make it happen!

  47. Please come to North Carolina! Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill…..3 major state universties with lots of students needing to learn to eat healthy. Duke Hospital is in Durham. Lots of doctors and people trying to learn more about cancer fighting foods.

    Even Charlotte is a large city in NC. Just please come to the east coast. I would be willing to drive to get to where ever you go.

  48. Please come to San Luis Obispo, CA. We are voted “The happiest city in America”!! You must come! University, hospitals, churches!! We all need you! Please come!!

  49. OH! I know that all reality starts with a thought/dream. Oh how I dream that you could come to the Central Coast in Sydney Australia. We really need to get our Raw Food movement going; we are but a few passionate people!!

  50. Please come to the Indianapolis area! I have been telling so many people about you and would love to bring them to see you speak in person!

  51. Come to Seattle AGAIN Robyn!!!

    And let’s talk more about being vegetarian, single and how many women George Clooney has!

    Did he flirt with you in a very suttle way? Yes

    Did he hit on you? NO

    So think it over, and you might realize you could be wrong afterall!

    BTW, i enjoyed seeing you upside down at the Longevity Conference! 🙂

    Thank you for all your wonderful effort in making this world a better place!

  52. Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert,Scottsdale AZ area. There are a lot of people here that are interested in healthy eating and a Cancer Center of America as well as the new MD Anderson Cancer Center are here as well so obviously he is needed here! Oh…and Scottsdale is a resort town…..great resorts, great shopping, great golf…so there is a lot to do and see as well as hear!

  53. Come to Denver, Colorado. We are a health conscious state who could use more good information. You could speak in Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs and then head for the fancy mountain towns like Vale, Aspen, and Telluride among others.

  54. Please, please…come to the east coast to Upstate New York…we need you…after survivivng a veryyyyyyy longgggggg winter we need some of your wonderful inspiration and teachings….Fulton where I live would be nice I can get you lots of people, or Syracuse or Rochester the bigger cities…would be ok too….Please come : )

  55. How about coming to Roseville (near Sacramento) CA. We have a Whole Foods, and a Sprouts that just opened today. Events are often held at Maidu Community Center, as well.

  56. Oh! Come to Winnipeg, Manitoba! … right in the middle of Canada. 750,000 peeps, and we need to learn from you and David! I just found your Blog and I am in LOVE! I am trying to be a “green smoothie girl”! So Inspiring!

  57. I’d love to see you somewhere here in Southern Oregon! Ashland, OR would be great (very supportive of the Vegetarian/Vegan lifestyle, with lots of organic options in local restaurants), or Medford, OR about 30 minutes away.

    I actually live in Medford, myself, but I think you’d likely have a better reception if you spoke in Ashland, the home of Southern Oregon University and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. 🙂

  58. We sure need you out here in Chilliwack, B.C,we have beautiful farm fields being used for the wrong reasons.I would like to show Chilliwack a new world and start the change. I am not asking us Chilliwackens to be raw,vegan, vegetarian but a chance to show them that they can live a better and healthier life.

  59. I live near Durango, Colorado, one of the top 10 places to retire (I recently read) due to its beauty. There are a lot of college students and retired people here who are very interested in health and would be very grateful to learn what you teach. I sure have been!

  60. I wish you would come to Atlanta soon. We own a 30 acre certified organic farm in Waverly Hall, about 100 miles south of Atlanta. We’ve just gotten a contract with Whole Foods and are working on one with Cisco.

  61. I would love to see you come to Portland, OR. I have been following David Wolfe for the past year and he was the one who got me thinking about what I put into my body. Then I got to see you in Sandy, OR and have been drinking green smoothies ever since. If it wasn’t for David Wolfe opening my mind up to changing my eating habits I probably would have never found you.

  62. Please come to Kansas City MO!! There’s an established raw foods group in connection with Nature’s Pantry in Independence and many people interested in learning more about healthy living! Thank you!!

  63. Please come to Albuquerque, NM. Through the help of one of David Wolfe’s followers, my husband and I are just beginning his program. My husband has suffered with chronic illness which no doctor has been able to help him resolve. We would love to hear David Wolfe speak in person. We would also love to hear you, Robyn, speak about getting started on the road to healthier living. We have Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Sunflower Market, and Vitamin Cottage. So, we have a lot of people trying to live a healthier, more natural lifestyle but I’m not sure they’re doing it well. We need guidance! People would not only come from Albuquerque but also from Santa Fe as well as other cities around New Mexico. We have a University here as well as a convention center that could accomodate a large number of people. Thanks for considering us!

  64. Would love for you guys to come to Melbourne Australia!! Any chance? Would be brilliant! Here is to live food and vibrant health! xx

  65. It would be awesome if you came to Maui, Hawaii. You could take a nice vacation and do a few seminars on the different Sun Warrior products and teach people here about having at least 1 Green Smoothie a day move your body and Play!

    Aloha nui!

  66. Please, Please, pretty please with all the green smoothie greens on top, come to Houston Texas area!

    I live in Brazoria, which is about an hour south of Houston and we need your help at spreading the healthy word!

    I can’t do it alone!!!!

    In gratitude for your consideration!

  67. Colorado springs. Pleeeaaaaassssseeeee. Lots of military that could use your help. Would love to see / meet you and thank you for all of your help.

  68. Another vote for Arizona. For both of you to join in Tucson with Dr. Andrew Weil would be soo helpful and well attended.

  69. Please come anywhere in Orange County California – We got to come see you in San Diego – but the whole speaking tour would be such a treat – There’s tons of raw foodies here! and Disneyland too – you can make it a family trip ;0)

  70. You should totally come to San Luis Obispo, CA this town would LOVE you and your healthy tips. We have farmers market every week on Thursday nights and this town as well as the surrounding ones, would be all over hearing what you have to say.

    Best of luck wherever you go!

  71. Please come to Nashville, Tennessee! Our state is in desperate need of quality nutrition education. We are centrally located and Nashville is a great place to visit!

  72. Robyn….we’d love for you to visit the Kitsap Penninsula…we are across the water from Seattle….there’s a Central Market food store there, and I bet they’d make a date with you to speak! This place is wonderful…they promote a healthy eating lifestyle.

    Think about it!

    Thanks, Cynde

  73. Hi Robyn,

    I found this video kind of sad for me…I really liked you – now that you are linked with David Wolfe, I have to raise my guard a bit…he has a reputation for praying on people’s wallets…when we all know health is free – and when sick people look for help and people push ‘products’ that heal as the ‘answer’, well, I think that is very unfortunate. I could share more about this – but this is the nutshell.

    After hearing your story of what you went through with your son, I would have hoped you would have heeded this desperation of people and let them know that the answers are free – no product (or superfood)-purchase required – simply greens and a blender.

    Now that you are linked up with Mr. Marketing, I am sad.

    Best of luck down this new road…

    1. Joy: here’s the deal. I’ll always be me, and he’ll always be him. Don’t be sad. There’s room for everybody. My message resonates with a different crowd than his, somewhat, but he certainly is a wealth of knowledge on plants, herbs, superfoods, micronutrients, and nutrition in general.

  74. I live in San Francisco and sometimes we get overlooked because ther is this perception that we are all healthy foodies here! NOT TRUE! Yes, we have amazing restaurants with global cuisines on every corner and a reputation for being hippie granolas. I know so many people that have never heard of a green smoothie(until jamba juice recently added a sad version to there menu). For a city that prides itself on being open minded and healthy. You wouldn’t believe how many people turn their noses up at my offer for them to try my AMAZING(I’ve been told the best ever) green smoothies. The ideal of health and affluence here is sustainable, organic, free range, grass feed animals. Please, we still need guidance building our nutritious path. xoxo

  75. Please, please, please come to Tucson, AZ or at the very least PHX. I live in southern AZ and would love to hear you speak and attend you workshop! It’s such an impowering expereince to learn first hand. Your book is awesome but it’s never like the real thing!

  76. Idaho Falls, Idaho!! My family just started drining green smoothies two weeks ago and would love to hear you! Loved your book!

  77. Wow, just now reading the message! Hope im not too late.

    Memphis, TN by far absolutely needs you guys… I keep hearing, reading, and seeing our city listed as the most unhealthiest city in America… There are a few awesome people in our city that dedicate their lives to bringing awareness to healthier food choices, toxic effects of medication and vaccinations, and effective burst or surge training exercising…  How awesome would it be if there could be further collaborated efforts to help the city of Memphis, surrounding city and states, the entire US, geeeezee, while I’m at it, the entire world :o)

  78. Long Island needs you both!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just traveled to CA to David Wolfe’s Longevity Now conference to bring home more of his genius to my clients back here in NY – would love it if you could be here in person! I’ll take NYC if that’s the closest you can get to us 🙂

  79. I made a delicious rainbow salad with the following ingredients:

    Juice of four fresh lemons

    1 beet peeled and grated

    1 sweet potato peeled and grated

    6 cucumbers grated

    3 stalks celery grated

    1/2 onion grated (or spring onions, or chives if in season)

    3 sprigs of fresh mint chopped

    5 sprigs fresh Italian parsley minced

    1/4 tsp freshly grated young (baby) ginger root

    2 Tbs raw grapeseed oil

    3 cloves minced garlic

    1 kholrabi peeled and grated

    18 leaves of Romaine lettuce broken into bite-size pieces by hand

    Accompanying the above, ate some flax seed crackers some of them topped with either raw tahini, or others with coconut butter!

    I spent a couple of weeks at Mitzpe Alummot overlooking the Sea of Galilee, and highly recommend one day when you venture as far as the Holy Land to come and give a talk there, it is a RawFood Kosher Vegan Health Farm located inside a Kibbutz and is very peaceful, like heaven-on-earth!




  80. Orlando, Florida would be a great place to come!!! Beautiful weather, beaches, Disney – you name it, we’ve got it here!!!

  81. Robyn, please come to Northern Virginia/D.C. We would LOVE to host you! You could even stay with me. My girls would DIE to meet the real GSG and could help out at an event or two, as well!

  82. I’m pretty sure I threw in a vote up there for anywhere in Florida, but imagine my surprise today to hear that you are doing a class RIGHT HERE in my little town of Ocala, FL! I already have my tickets and plan on telling all my friends about it on facebook as soon as I get home from work. Thank you! And thanks to Franck’s Pharmacy and Lemire Clinic for bringing you to us! See ya in July.

  83. Hmm. I’m confused. David Wolfe’s emails I received said the Longevity Conference was in Costa Mesa, Calif. Oh, I was under the impression it was a once yearly conference so this is the same exact conference with the same speakers such as Ron Teeguarden but several locations?

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