Seattle…best day EVER!…part 3 of 3

This photo is the Rat Pack of Raw. So says Tony Ricco of HyperThrive, one of the geniuses behind our new tour.

Which is funny. Because Steve (left) is a Stanford rocket scientist by education, and a minister. I was a marriage & sex therapist and university professor. And David Wolfe was a lawyer whose parents were medical doctors.

We’re all self-taught and driven by life experience.

You can’t see snowy Mount Ranier off the side of this photo where Mr. Long Legs Brent Hauver is sitting. I keep getting asked on Facebook what I’m drinking in these photos. It’s Ormus Greens, of course! Tastes even better in a wine glass.

The SunWarrior guys had it made up, in gallon jugs, in the Party House on the lake. So I drank it whenever I wanted, which is a lot, and I got by just fine without my beloved green smoothies.

One of my favorite things about Avocado is his motto. See what his shirt says? BEST DAY EVER! Everything in his world revolves around that. At Chaco Canyon, the food was generally wonderful, but I told him one dish wasn’t my favorite. He said, “Yeah, it’s a little bit less than the Best Thing Ever.” Cracked me up. (My ex-husband used to describe something he didn’t like as, “That’s below average.” I love understatement.)

We’re going to Hawaii in September, maybe do a lecture on Kauai, Oahu, maybe one more. Do I even have any readers in Hawaii?

And this weekend I’m going to Avocado’s Longevity conference in the OC, I just decided. I’m going to take a notebook, see if I can get a drink from the firehose. You coming?