Seattle….I might have a crush on David Wolfe….part 1 of 3

I’m back from speaking in Seattle and Federal Way, WA with David Wolfe, see photos below. In one, we’re sitting on the pier at our Lake Washington party house.  (We had an after-party Friday night, and although I went upstairs to bed at 1 a.m., I woke up at 4:45 and the party was still going! For the raw foodie crowd, KOMBUCHA is the alternative to booze! Yum.) And of course I had to have a picture of the guy named Avocado eating….an avocado.

What I didn’t take a photo of was Bikram Hot Yoga. OMG.

Ninety minutes of it, in 120 degrees of steam. Only SunWarrior’s Cody didn’t make it through. Everybody else? Shirtless, wearing next to nothing, 10 minutes in. There’s nothing else like it. What a release! The first 45 mins., I felt like I was in hell, and I wanted to kill Brent Hauver who insisted we all do this. Endorphins, toxins through the skin, emotions, you have to just let go of it all. (As you stand there holding a pose, dripping from every pore.)

Go to Hot Yoga if you ever get the chance. We don’t have that here in Kansas, Toto.

Making a video in the photo below, I’m with SunWarrior co-founder Brent Hauver, Avocado Noni Cacao Himself, and Sacred Chocolate’s Steve Adler. (He’s a modern-day, nutrition-guru Willy Wonka whose 45th birthday was that day.)

And in the photo below eating a lot of fabulous raw food at Choco Canyon is all of us and the SunWarrior / Hyperthrive crew, where Dave the Raw Trucker downed FIVE shots of wheat grass juice to all of us egging him on.

We had 350 people at Mary Gates Hall (see me, then Avocado, speaking there in photos below) and more than 350 in every nook and cranny at Marlene’s Market in Federal Way.

We’re gonna take the GreenSmoothieGirl / David Wolfe show to a few more metro areas. Should we come to your city? Tell me: where?

Not gonna lie, I have a little thing for David Wolfe. I like smart guys who can talk and are passionate about something. And then there’s his Johnny Depp-ness. He is the Encyclopedia Brittanica of biochemistry, human anatomy, superfoods, micronutrients and more.

After I spoke, I literally sat at his feet the second night (since there were no seats and no standing room either), highly entertained by the audience  “getting a drink from a firehose,” someone’s description on facebook yesterday of what it’s like to listen to Avocado speak. Got a kick out of watching folks try to write it all down. Good luck with that! I’m not wowed often or easily. But let me say this: WOW.

I’m not a supplement girl, but I confess he inspired me to try a few of his favorites. We dreamed up some GreenSmoothieGirl superfood chocolate bars in our long drives in the car. We talked about what the best sweeteners are that we’ll use in formulation to keep blood sugar impact LOW, and what superfoods we’ll include in the formulation to slow aging, increase your energy, and rocket your LIBIDO.

(Nobody talks about it. Lots of people struggle with it. Just sayin. I’m going to bring you a chocolate that addresses PMS *and* makes you an enthusiastic lover. Just you wait.)


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  1. Hi, Wish I could have attended. Little too far from Virginia.
    What were some of David Wolfe’s favorite supplements?
    In addition to all the Sun Warrior products. I like Living Fuel,
    Boku Superfood and really like Rejuvenate Plus, Rejuvenate
    Berries and Herbs and Dragon Herbs.

  2. come to spokane!…or coeur d’alene! i live in moscow, id and really wanted to come to seattle but couldn’t quite make it there. either of these cities would be a lot closer though.

    also, i’m a preschool teacher. i teach a class of 12 three and four year olds. on st. patrick’s day a leprechaun left our class a recipe for a special green drink that would make the kids “fast and smart” like a leprechaun. i had brought my vitamix and we made up this special green smoothie. just spinach, strawberries and peaches. i think there was only one child that wouldn’t try it (we also combined with another class for this) at least three drank their whole cup and several others drank quite a bit of it! i was so proud of them.

    1. Angie, love it! I’m going to post a testimonial by an elementary school principal with a similar story, this week!

  3. looks like you had a great time. FYI – there is a bikram yoga studio here in sandy. just so ya’ know. it’s awful, but i love it!

    1. Is it HOT yoga? That’s the whole point…the Bikram was easy; I do yoga 3x a week. It was 120 degrees with steam that cooked us!

  4. Thank you for visiting Seattle. I so enjoyed listening to you speak at Marlene’s. Bikram Yoga is great. I started classes 2 years ago, and it has changed my life. Bikram in Renton. Robyn, I’ve been struggling with health issues for years and had some success fixing it. Meat seemed like the only answer for protein when I couldn’t tolerate grains,legumes,i.e. gluten based or rice, dairy,soy, many nut products etc. I have read through your site & it rings true. I going 30 days raw veggies featuring green smoothies, started Saturday. The last time I tried a vegetarian lifestyle was 15 years ago after I got sick (3 days!) eating chicken…6 months later I had gained 20 pounds. Most of my veggies were cooked. No b-12, I’ve been told that a protein type will do poorly on a veggie diet, high triglycerides etc. I am checking my blood work this week, and am going to recheck in 2-3 months. My own personal experiment.
    Let you know the results… Does anyone offer local classes/support in the Seattle area?

  5. Robyn-
    It was such a treat to see you in Seattle! You were awesome and so down to earth…just like you are in your videos! I want to thank you and all the folks from this weekend for offering a free lecture on raw food/green smoothies. I was at the UW session and it was great to see so many people there! Can’t wait to see you again in Seattle!!! BTW, where did you go for hot yoga?

  6. Ummmmm, okay, sooooo……………….. those pictures of you and David Wolfe are the cutest ever, and the energy between you two is amazing!! I think a star fell from both of your eyes onto my computer desk! LOL So cute to me!! His hair is what I love too!! What a great thing for you two to pair up and take the”original food”movement by storm!! Looking forward to it!

  7. THe meeting at Marlene’s Market was better than I expected! It was great to meet you Robyn and David Wolfe. I hope you’ll be coming back here soon.
    About 2 years ago I put in a couple of request to have David Wolfe speek at Marlene’s and I got a polite reply saying there wouldn’t be able to hold the amount of people who would want to come. I sure others have asked also.
    It was amazing to me that you all called and volunteer your time for free!!! I love it when I find people who haven’t lost the love for what they’re doing and just want to get the info out to people where it can do some good.
    Thanks again come to Washington

  8. Hey Robin, I totally don’t blame you for that crush on David. I’m been crushing on him for some time now, for all the same reasons you mentioned. You actually get to spend some time with him.! JEALOUS!!!!

  9. Hey I too have the biggest crush on David. I saw him speak at CGI in NJ with Hyacinth Mills (another Brit like me) and I have never been wowed in the USA until I met him.
    Amazing man with amazing people around him

  10. @Karen

    YES! Bikram Yoga in Sandy is freaking HOT! Karen and I started going a few weeks ago and I have never sweated so much in my life. 90 minutes of 105 – 120 degrees and 40% humidity. I loved it. The first day I wore long yoga pants and had to grab the scissors to cut them off before the class even started. Now I know why there are tiny little bikinis on the wall in the studio…

  11. Hi Robyn..

    I have msm, and ginseng, but I could not find IC3.could you please give me detail about IC3…where do I find it?

    Hope to hear from you shortly


    1. Indole-3-Carbinol, an extract of cruciferous vegetables, at a health food store. Wolfe calls it his “favorite supplement of the year.”

  12. I am not cleared understand about Vinegar that are not recommends on our health issues. (Wondering, Why are these in danger?) I am curious, what are you think of Vinegar?
    I usually to use half cup vinegar in hot bath to help clean up my body as skin… same as idea as veggie cleaning with vinegar..

    1. Raw apple cider vinegar….I am a fan. The others I use in salad dressings occasionally but only raw ACV is really good for you.

  13. What man wants to look like David Wolfe? He used to be good-looking 20 yrs ago. He pimps out expensive packaged “superfoods” that no one needs for optimum vitality and health. If you find him sexy, you too have issues.

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