Please give your opinion on a proposed GreenSmoothieGirl logo!

A heartfelt thank-you to those of you who have been here for 3.5 years giving us your wisdom, your feedback, and your experience. Thanks to those of you who are new! And thanks to those of you who send your friends to because you trust the message and the support you get here.

Will you please weigh in on this logo design? If you like it, why? If you hate it, why?

We’re branding. Redesigning the entire website “look and feel,” as well as lots of collateral, like fliers and video intro/outtro, etc.

I wanted an “avatar” (the GSG you see pictured here) that is iconic and recognizable as we grow.

Growth is all about getting more and more people involved in our grassroots movement back to….well, grass.

Thank you for your support and your feedback!


202 thoughts on “Please give your opinion on a proposed GreenSmoothieGirl logo!

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  1. I like the overall look but it does appear a bit “sexy”. Not sure if that is the message you want to send or not. But green smoothie drinkers are sexy so….maybe that would work. 🙂 I think that it’s the hips and legs that give off that vibe. Perhaps more of a waist up shillouette?

    1. As for the avatar…..I struggled with this for a long time. Some of the silhoeuttes the designers used were too “1950’s housewife.” Some were almost “porn star.” What I wanted was, “This is the way back to your very best self.” Not overtly sexual but a conservative sexy is good. Those were my thoughts. It’s not supposed to be ME. It’s supposed to represent us all, our best self, power and health and energy.

  2. i like everything that is green. i can’t stand the pink. i like the energy coming out of the green glass but i just don’t like the pink. it looks canned and unspontaneous. it looks plastic

  3. Honestly, I don’t really see myself in the silhouette avatar. Maybe that wasn’t the point… but that is where my thoughts first go: “I am not like that person, that is not me, this green smoothie thing must not be for me.” It seems to say mysterious, cute, girlie, sexy. What I wish it would say was bright, fresh, green, healthy, simple and easy.

  4. I like the colors, and the swirly pink. Not liking the detailed woman shadow. The logo as a whole isn’t really working for me, I’m thinking maybe the reason is it seems there’s too much going on- different fonts, an oval with a banner, teeny tiny smoothie glass with too detailed gal shadow. Definitely not liking the woman shadow (sorry if it’s you, Robyn! LOL) I’m more of a fan of simple, although I can appreciate what you’re going for. Sorry! Just my two cents. Love the site and all you do though 🙂

  5. It looks a little “girl-powery” for me, i.e. it looks more like you’re marketing to the tween market than you are to adults. The pink swirls and font is what makes me think that. I don’t see that and think “expert in her field.”

    I’m not criticizing, that’s just my reaction to it.

  6. My friend (graphic artist) and I just looked at your new logo and we both agree it is nice. It carries an essence of you.

    Go green smoothie girl!

  7. For my own tastes…….It’s OK but not loving the pink. I still prefer the way it’s written on the website. There’s more of a sophisticated elegance to it. This one reminds me of the pink ribbon logo for breast cancer………………… my own humble opinion………………

  8. I echo what has been said. It does seem a little too focused on the outward-sexy-perfect body- cutsie. (I’m not sure if that’s the focus of wanting to have a green smoothie lifestyle.) I’m pretty sure men might not be lured (aren’t you focused on them, too, as well as families and older folks, in your marketing?) given this is your logo and the first impression of what you are all about. I like the idea of fresh, green, health, and wellness better. I do appreciate everything you’ve offered, Robin. Really, you’ve been a huge help toward wellness and better nutrition.

  9. It’s a very femy logo. My husband and all my boys drink green smoothies. I’m not too sure all your “male” followers would appreciate it. I personally like all the colorful fruits and vegetables you have pictured on your blog better.

  10. Hummm I’m not sure I really like the lettering you have right now with the leaves for the dots on the I’s. The silhouette isn’t really resonating with me. IDK maybe if it was a whole family and/or the woman had a little one on her hip and and blender full of green smoothie in her other hand. Green smoothies really are for the whole family, right! You love teaching and helping young mothers they are really who have the power to change the health of this nation right! Just a few of my thoughts. And by the way the pink swirl is way to retro for me.

    1. Baby on the hip…..ooh, I like that idea. And a ponytail, wonder if that could be done in the frontal position the avatar is in, like that too.

  11. I like this one much better than the old logo!! I think it is great the way it is, but it would be super cute if the girl in the logo was viewed from the side with highlights in her hair and a cute ponytail. Love the pink and green! Love the symbolic energy coming out of the green smoothie!

  12. I agree with most of the previous comments. Psychologically it has a lot of implications, and going back to green or “old school” eating is really going back to a more simple life. This doesn’t appear to be as simple. And what does a “silhouette” really represent? Seems empty. BUT, I also loved the green and yellow smoothie the woman is holding. Good luck with this adventure!

  13. I love the silhoeutte of the girl, it’s beautiful and simple. I am not a big fan of all the pink. The pink swirls kind of through me off and I don’t get a sense of energy when I look at the swirls. I was thinking a little more green overall and a little less pink. It’s still a nice logo and I get what message you are trying to convey.

  14. I like the curves! The front leg is out of proportion as your eye follows down to the knee. I also agree with the about comment about the color/font. Green smoothie should be green; girl should be pink. I like it!

  15. I think the pink coming from the drink should be green…and the womanly figure seems naked…like those truck mud flaps. Maybe make her less sexy? Otherwise I like the rest.

  16. Immediate reaction is that I don’t like it. The pink doesn’t appeal to me and the outline of the girl reminds me of the bumperstickers dudes put on their trucks. The writing on the right hand side by itself looks ok fontwise, but the logo overall just doesn’t quite do it for me. I didn’t cheat, so know I’ll submit and THEN read everyone else’s comments….hopefully I won’t be the only jerk spoiling a happy party, LOL.

  17. I’m sorry, but my first reaction was WHOA! The pink is not working for me and that was the very first thing that caught my attention. I love that the smoothie in her hand is Green though. I think on a more neutral background, the actual Green smoothie in her hand would grab attention immediately. The pink is just too girlie for me.

    You are brave to ask for opinions on this.

  18. I love green smoothies! I do think the logo has too much black. It needs more solid green (for LIFE) and I wouldn’t even use the lady. It all looks busy rather than simple, which is what living green represents. There are men and children who drink green smoothies, too. 🙂 I remember way back when I first found your web site, there was a glass full of a delicious smoothie and that was what attracted me to read on and later become a follower and fan of green smoothie girl. It was saying to me that you can have something delicious and filling and still be healthy. I wanted to be honest because I appreciate all you do!!

  19. i don’t love the silhouette. I feel like going for “sexy” even if it’s “conservative sexy” kind of belittles what you are really trying to do for people. the green sparkly cup is great, what if you zeroed in on the head and shoulders and had a woman in a ponytail with her head tipped back drinking the glass full of green? I also like the baby on a hip, toddler leaning against a leg kind of idea, although that might be too busy? it might not, though. and yeah, the font, the pink kind of all makes me think “girl power” also, like I stumbled on a health site for young girls.

  20. I like it. The only complaint would be the pink swirls behind the silhouette. They have a 60’s acid trip feel to me. I already get called a hippie for the way that I eat and my natural lifestyle. Maybe just give that part a solid design. Overall I like it though. Good Luck. I am excited to see the changes.

  21. No. Pink is cheezy. The body is too prominent. Pastel green…No. Too Barbieish not strong enough. I like the effect of the energy emminating from the glass of greens. Needs gold or yellow. I appreciate that you want an avatar but we have our own. Use that for yourself and something else as the main Logo.

  22. What I really like about your current website is the LIFE of all the different color veggies and how FRESH it is, the whole thing is like a long drink of cold water. This new logo feels static and one dimensional~ very unlike everything that GSG and the site seems to be about ( green smoothies for me and mine every day now!! Thank you!) My opinion is to have the avatar in the middle with some sort of burst outward of energy and color. It can still be subtle. Don’t dig the pink… I can’t wait to see what your final logo is. Good work!

  23. The avatar is nice. I think it would be better within an oval format without the banner off to the side. The pink is SO breast cancer awareness… I would just stay away from it because of that. Pick a slightly different or totally different color. The stripes speak of the 70s to me.

  24. I think it is a bit too sexy and doesn’t say “health”! Kind of reminds me of the nudy bars we used to see when we lived in Portland.

  25. Immediate reaction to the logo was not classy enough. At first glance looked like a trumpet, and didn’t like the pink. It does give a younger girlie feel. Didn’t even think about the “sex woman” part until after reading comments, but they are right if you are appealing to the whole family. I think your graphic artist can reach higher & deeper and find something really classy, family & health. Absolutely LOVE what you are doing. Am a newbie in the last 30 days, read your GSG Diet book in less than 24 hours this weekend. We’re converting dearest friends over here in Michigan to more healthful living. Keep up the good work! Btw…if you need, one of my pals in our Smoothie club is an amazing graphic artist and has worked for top companies, and has designed for me and my business. FYI.

  26. Don’t like it. Just doesn’t look like the emphasis is on health, but rather how you look. And from what I know about you, that’s not what you’re about. Sorry….I’m giving it a thumbs down. 🙁

  27. I don’t get the logo at all!? It’s a little too busy with all the pink and I’m not sure of the significance of the ribbon/swirl to the right. As said previously, plenty of men/boys drink green smoothies so a more gender neutral design would appeal to a wider audience.

    Keep it clean, simple, and contemporary!

  28. I agree with some of the commentary (I thought first before I read 🙂 ). I totally understand you want an avatar that represents you, and if you like this, then go for it. If you want a look though that draws in green smoothie fans, male and female alike, I’m not too fond of a few things.

    I’m not a fan of pink, and I know most men probably won’t gravitate towards that look.

    I prefer the fresh fruit pictures, the nature pictures, the tree of life kind of theme. Seeing femanine body shapes like that makes me self conscious of how I look, even if I do look ok. I’d rather focus on the concept of returning to natural foods and colors, rather than on how I look.

  29. I thought it was a logo for ice cream at first glance; I think all that pink did it; I would have used more green. I wouldn’t be upset if you kept it though.

  30. I love what you do, love green smoothies, but this logo isn’t good. I have a marketing background and am married to a successful graphic designer/creative director who analyzes logos. This logo doesn’t say where you’re going (which I think is big places) it just seems weak and a little dated. The type-face needs to be bolder. The pink needs to go. I think instead of a silhouette, some other icon, or a nice caricature of you (or a person who represents the green smoothie lifestyle) would be better. Pink and silhouettes say feminine products. Go simple and BOLD!

  31. As a professional logo/web designer, I just don’t think this one is working.

    First, it doesn’t read well small, and all logos should work well at all sizes — especially online where thumbnails are used in search engines, fb pages, etc. (I had no idea she was even holding a smoothie on the fb page, since it was a thumbnail.)

    Second, it’s too complicated. There is too much going on for the reader to find any hierarchy in it. The oval with the figure and swirls competes too much and distracts from the name. They should be integrated, not separate. The only things holding them together are the colors, and the awkward shape that they make, which feels contrived, like they are being forced together by that thick, black border, but otherwise have no relationship with each other.

    Third, I understand you wanting a GSG avatar-like thing, but the emphasis should be on the green smoothie part, not the “girl.” You aren’t selling the girl. It’s tricky finding a human figure to represent your company, because if I am an old man drinking green smoothies or just happen not to look like that woman, then I am immediately isolated from the image. As if to say, “That’s not me, so it doesn’t relate to me.” It’s subtle but very psychologically strong. You don’t want to isolate anyone from relating to your product, which is why you rarely see people represented on product logos… they are all animals or places, abstractions or shapes. Avatars are cool and hip, but again, you are selling a smoothie, which embodies the concept of health, nutrition and deliciousness. This silhouette only says “sexy woman” drinking something… if you can even see the drink. If you want the avatar to be you specifically, like you are marketing yourself (like in Newman’s Own), that is fine. But it should look like you, or at least an abstraction of you that is recognizable as you. A black silhouette is way too generic and misleading. There is already a “Girl” in the Green Smoothie Girl name, so honestly I don’t think you even need a girl icon.

    So in all honesty, I would scrap it and start over. My suggestions: Make the smoothie visually equal to the girl in emphasis, (if you have to use the girl at all), so they are integrated. You could just do a close up of a face and the smoothie near the mouth, instead of using the whole body. (Though I get why you want to say it’s “good for the whole body” in which case, the woman/girl could be sitting to condense it a bit, and the smoothie sort of going forward to the viewer in 3D. Then it would be more visible.)

    And then also integrate the name “Green Smoothie Girl” with the image, so that they work together. The font and the style of the name right now is really awkward typographically.

    I really wish I could re-design this for you! (But that’s not why I think you should scrap this one and try again.) I am a big fan, and my 2 year-old daughter and I drink a green smoothie every morning!

    Good luck, and thanks for hearing our input!

  32. Well, I may be in the minority and I hope that doesn’t overshadow my opinion, but I LOVE it. To be honest, I have always appreciated the current logo and it’s overt emphasis on plant-based food as this is what it is really about. For me, it was not very intriguing though, if I was just browsing several smoothie sites, the current logo and all that is green would not draw me in. That being said, all of us know, we’re not here for the ‘pretty’ stuff, but since you’re asking….

    I really do like it. I disagree with those who did not like the pink because to me it is a SPLASH of bright, fun pink within all the green. And I think pink and green in general are very complimentary colors. The light and dark pink in the oval are a nice touch to add texture and a variation in color and the green smoothie, the actual green smoothie, in her hand really stands out. I also like the banner look and feel- just love the layout of the design.

    Now, I understand as well that some women feel disconnected to the slim, maybe sexy avatar and I understand that. That certainly doesn’t represent my body either- at this point- but possibly an ode to my early 20’s!! However, maybe our current health and/or body weights aren’t necessarily where we want to be, where we should be. We are all here striving for a healthier lifestyle so we FEEL better and hopefully as a result, will love ourselves from the inside out as we heal ourselves from the inside out. So, while that doesn’t represent my body now and maybe never will, it is still a representation of a healthy woman. And I apologize if others disagree, but I do not believe the avatar is too sexy. In fact, to me, it looks like the avatar was created to have a very appropriate and healthy hip to waist ratio. The only thing that I could think would make her less ‘hippy’ is to lower the waist. But, I think that woman represents who I want to be, healthy, happy, and even a little ‘hippy’. I have curves so in that sense, the figure does represent me. And she’s totally rockin’ a green smoothie with her flowing hair and all! Love it!

    The only concern that others have shared is the fact that the avatar is female and while I see that concern unless you, Robyn, are going to change your domain name, website name, books, and entire concept then the female figure is appropriate. It is Green Smoothie Girl and the logo should reflect just that. And I don’t believe using pink negates the fact that men and children visit your site and are fans of GSG. So, the only answer to that is don’t isolate that population and YOU DON’T!!!! This has always been a super family friendly site and all are welcome- that couldn’t be more clear and in my opinion has nothing to do with the logo.

    And finally, some are suggesting including a kid with the woman. Maybe that is a possibility for you and most of your readers would connect to that and I know how passionate you are about young moms- so if that fits your message maybe that is the way to go. However, I am a woman and don’t have kids and don’t want kids so if it was my first time looking at your site I might not be inclined to stop by because I would think it is about parenting in a way. But, you can’t represent everyone and their life situation so do what’s best for your brand.

    I actually wrote down my opinion before I read the comments because I wanted it to be based solely on how I reacted to the logo. However, I wanted to include some counter positions to others so you know how some of your readers, or maybe even just one reader, feels about the valid points that others brought up. Honestly, if I were to change anything, it would be the pink swirls to something more simple, but still pink. I love that everybody’s opinion is valued and hopefully you will get some insight and be able to make the best decision for you and your branding. Whatever you choose I am happy that you are updating your logo and feel because I think that is the best direction to go! All of the people here are already loyal to you and GSG so sometimes you need to spruce, brighten, liven things up to interest newcomers. I feel like it should be an experience, and an exciting one at that, when coming here. Sorry to have written so much, but this is a huge decision for you and I was kind of shocked about the strong reactions to the logo that I loved so I wanted to let you know! Good luck!

  33. I don’t really like it. I get that it’s green smoothie “girl” but would rather see something that included a whole family. My son and husband are still resistant and if they saw this logo they would definitely think it was for women only.

    The silhouette looks like a female comic book hero that gets her power from the glass of smoothie. Makes it seem like another fad energy drink instead of a lifestyle.

  34. First impression: didn’t like the silhouette, too much going on, and very feminine. I think it looks pretty but a simple health-based look would appeal more to my taste and a more general audience. I love you though so it was hard to say this. Lol. But you asked so I wanted to share my opinion. Now I’m gonna read what everyone else said.

  35. What others have said … First thought: breast cancer. Second thought: truck mud flaps. Third: why is this aimed at women and not men, boys, families, too? That is to say, it’s very girlie & reminiscent of a lingerie logo.

  36. I think it needs to be more green. I don’t really like the skinny lady, we aren’t all skinny & i’m pretty sick of everything being portrayed from sexy skinny women. What I guess i’m saying is that it does nothing for me. I think you need to go back to the drawing board. It’s way too pink for what you are trying to say. I agree with the KB. I think a caricature of you would be great! The whole thing needs to be redone.

  37. I do not like it at all. When I think of Green Smoothie Girl, I do not think of that logo. I do not like the pink and the black avatar reminds me of those pin up girl stickers you always see on the back of mens pickup trucks, yuck! I would rather see something in more natural colors that doesn’t try to be so sexy.

  38. Not digging the silhouette. The rest is great though. I just think the focus should not be on body shape since so few of us fit the perfect body type, and that is what this feels like it is doing. I am in pretty good shape, but I am one that drinking green smoothies does NOT help me lose weight. In fact, I have to cut them out to lose weight. I think something that focuses more on health than shape. But you ARE the green smoothie GIRL. So, I can see where it’s coming from.

  39. The pink makes my stomach hurt. It looks like a peppermint ice cream logo.

    The silhouette doesn’t ring my bells nor make me crave a green smoothie. This pretty much screams NO to me.

  40. I like the O (for Openshaw?) and most of the logo. I do agree that the woman is a tad sexy. I might prefer her background if it weren’t swirly? And I have to concur with the others that that particular shade of pink isn’t a personal favorite. I’d say right track, just not quite there yet!

  41. How about putting a guy in there with the girl too… I send a lot of people to your site & I like the idea…. just slip a guy in there too, maybe change the colors just a bit.

  42. It’s quite pink—doesn’t reflect much green that I can see and I don’t think Green Smoothie when I look at it.

  43. I really like the font and the colors of the words but I am not sure if I love the woman. My eyes go straight to her hips instead of the green smoothie. Maybe if it was an upper body silhouette instead of a full body shot? Also, the pink behind the woman is a little bright. Maybe you could make the pink a little softer? I do like the “ribbon” look of the outline behind the font and the leaf looking dot on the i.

    Overall, cute and modern.

  44. I’ve been in marketing and advertising for over 30 years — worked with many graphic designers with logos, etc. My daughter is also a graphic designer. And we both agree it is terrible!! Too much going on. Says nothing about raw food, nutrition, health — I could go on and on to beat it up. I would shoot for something simple and clean. I suggest you spend $100 and go to: — and post what you want, and you will get lots of ideas. I’m sure these designers can come up with something better for you.

  45. I like it in general. Think I’d prefer without the banner. . . I like the fonts but would need to bring the words closer to the oval – would allow your main logo, the oval, be more of a focal point. It would be nice to see what else you had to choose from that might be even more eye-catching.

    1. Thank you EVERYONE for the excellent feedback! Looks like it’s back to the drawing board! I’ll come back with something else. I’m no artist so I’m way out of my league here, but we will nail it eventually!


  46. I don’t love it. I agree that maybe waist up would be better. And simplify the whole thing. There is a bit too much going on.

  47. If pink should be used, maybe only the word ‘girl’. don’t think the males will relate to that though. At the very least the word “smoothie” should be green. Also, in the pic the smoothie should be more prominent. This all sounds so negative, but nothing about the new logo suggests health. It screams, “sexy woman with a bubbly (alcoholic?) drink ” and only if you are familiar with the GSG lifestyle would you know what this logo is trying to portray (the total opposite).

  48. I’m not feeling it Robyn. You need something a little livelier. I love your blogs and information now, but if I were a first time person looking at this, I wouldn’t be inclined to stop and take a look around the site/blog. I love you and what you do though. I knew about green smoothies years ago, but because of you and the videos and your presence on the internet, I’ve become serious about my smoothies and toot your horn every chance I get!

  49. Sorry to say this, but it looks like there should be a pole in there too. In other words, too sexy. You want to appeal to men and women — the logo looks somewhat intimidating and unattainable. I DO like the lettering and the coloring.

  50. I don’t care for the new logo. The sillouette doesn’t do much for me. I’ve almost sold my husband on your system. If he ever saw this type of logo, he wouldn’t even give it a chance.

    I don’t care for the green font. It appears bland and boring, everything that you are NOT! I would go for more vibrant colors and use an eye-catching, easy to read font.

    I’ll continue to like you no matter what logo you use. This is simply my opinion.

  51. I am not a big fan of it. It looks like it could be at the start of a James Bond movie. I do like the pink and green together though!

  52. Sorry but my suggestion is to not focus on trying to ‘grow’; but rather to just let this keep growing naturally. You have a great site already, keep your focus on helping people become healthy and your site will continue to grow naturally.

    Keep your existing trademark (with the leaves for the dotted i’s), you have already been using it for 3.5 years, why throw that ‘branding’ away. Slap a TM (state common law trademark) symbol on it, right away. Then file for a federally registered trademark, claiming use beginning 3.5 years ago. The marketing people never tell you this.

  53. I am a creative director here in Orem, Utah. I love green smoothies, but absolutely hate this logo. I am at least the third trained and experienced graphic designer who has made the same comment. Please trust the professionals and do not move forward with this design until you’ve contacted one of us. It would make me sick to see you use this. You have spent years developing a product that has helped thousands of people – a lifestyle I’m adopting myself. I beg you to give Green Smoothie Girl the thoughtful and relevant face it deserves. This is not it!

  54. I did think about it first before reading others’ comments…but glad I read them before writing because it’ll save me some writing since I pretty much agree with all the “critical” comments…they’re reflective of main points I have against this design (both from a “gut feeling/initial reaction” point of view and a designer/marketing point of view). I don’t necessarily hate the pink as much as others, though…but I do think green should be the dominant color of the two, if these two are what you want to use (or whatever colors you end up using).

    But my biggest concern is the woman, no matter what she looks like (though I agree how she looks here is sending the wrong message in many ways). My problem is that although you wrote above that “It’s not supposed to be ME. It’s supposed to represent us all, our best self, power and health and energy,” it certainly does not represent us all, as others have mentioned. Even redoing the woman or putting a baby on her hip or cramming a whole family into the (what would be a much too crowded) picture would still be nonrepresentative of “us all.” Single women? Single men? People with more children? People with fewer children? People with grown children? People with no children? Older people? Teens? Dogs? Bunnies? (LOL!) That’s the inherent problem with trying to come up with a logo/avatar that represents everyone you’re trying to (and do) reach…it’s impossible. Which is why having no “body” as part of the logo would be the best thing…that way, by not visually including anyone, you automatically include us all. And that would also put the emphasis on the food/lifestyle/health, etc., where it really should be.

    Of course, if you DID want the avatar/logo to “be” you, to reflect only you as *the* GreenSmoothieGirl (because although some of us are girls/women who like green smoothies, many of us are boys/men), then it should be an obvious photo of you so there’s no mistaking…not a silhouette/avatar that leaves people wondering who it’s supposed to be (and why it’s not representative of everyone…if it’s definitely you, then we know it’s not supposed to be us/anyone else).

    OK…end of my 2 cents 🙂

  55. I think it’s a cute logo, but it really doesn’t say that it’s all inclusive to males, kids, elderly etc… when green smoothies are for everyone. I guess the ‘green smoothie girl’ is you, Robyn, then yes, that looks like you. I love the swirl coming out of the smoothie. I hope you find the right one, either way it won’t change the message and the wonderful way in which you live it and deliver it. All the best Robyn. 🙂

  56. I do graphic design for a living, so I know how difficult it is to please from the other perspective…but my first reaction is NO! Too pink, too mudflap girl. Sorry!

  57. Too much sex-appeal was my first thought – that’s probably your silhouette though. 🙂 Also, it’s very girl-y which kind of excludes/repels the guys. Also, it would be exclusive of my 2 and 5-year old boys that enjoy the smoothie. I think it’s more exclusive than inclusive. A positive suggestion: Maybe more focused on the smoothie drink with shapes of the whole foods inside (spinach, berries, etc).

    … After reading the other comments:

    I think that lots of people feel the same way about the girly sexy feel coming on too strong. Sorry we all tore your first try down. Good luck with the redesign!

  58. i don’t like a hott body being portrayed as the ideal or “goal” it feels like that to me. I kind of like the see-through drink though.

  59. From a marketing pro perspective, I think you’re on the right track with bright color–vibrant backdrop to green is great and feeling in the pink is not a bad thing…AND, it is green smoothie “girl” which works with pink. Do think silhouette should be strong and possibly athletic vs. sexy curves. Maybe designer could focus more on the smoothie w/a silhouette of a female face so we don’t alienate the diversity of body types out there. It’s about health, and that seems like a better focus–healthy bodies come in all ages, shapes and sizes. You do an amazing job of educating folks–thanks for all you do!

  60. I think it’s pretty, and I don’t think it’s too sexy, but it is impersonal, I’d like to see a friendly face.

  61. not loving the silhouette, pink, or the font. i prefer things to be crisp and clean. those are my two cents. good luck. i’m sure it will be beautiful and i’ll read your blog and follow you no matter what you decide on. 🙂

  62. I don’t hate it but it would not be too appealing if I was new to your site. I don’t find the avatar overly sexy but it’s taking away from what you should be focusing on – green smoothies and whole foods. It’s also too pink for my taste, even as a woman. You are the Green Smoothie “Girl”, of course but I would go for something simpler that could appeal to any gender and age. Keep up the great work. I really like your current logo already. Good luck.

  63. I don’t hate it but it’s too girlish and pink for my taste. I’d like to see more green to focus on the green smoothies and something more appealing to any gender/age. I like your current logo. Good luck!

  64. I like the not like the pink though. Pink makes me think of ice cream and cotton candy- not the right message. It is also very gender specific. As a man, the logo would not seem to “invite” me in, but it is fresh, sexy, hip

  65. I like the ribbon part with the lettering, but not the silhouette of the woman. I know you really want to speak to the young moms with young children, so I would suggest incorporating that into a logo. How about a caricature of you with a child and a blender filled with green goodness?

    I really like your fan of rainbow chard that is currently on your logo. Why should you change? How about keeping the chard in the background and putting the name “Green Smoothie Girl” in front of it?

  66. It’s representative of Caucasian women with the hair. I’d trim the parts that are sticking out so that it would be more representative of others that also utilize the site. Other than that it seems very appropriate. I like the feel of it. It symbolizes health and the slim figure is really right on target.

  67. I don’t like it, I like the Green Smoothie Girl in the Green Cape MUCH better!

    The pink makes me think of all the Breast CA stuff out there.

  68. Hi Robyn,

    I am excited to come see you next month in San Diego for the class and I’m bringing my sister in law and a friend so far. You are the first person I started following when I went green last year so it will be very cool to meet you in person.

    About the logo, my first reaction was “that’s not me.” I don’t look like those hot girls and I never will so I guess it makes me feel like I don’t belong in your group. I of course want to look good and think eating green will help but I think it would be nicer to have a logo that made me feel like I belonged and shared the goal of healthy living and eating with you and your followers and not like I was pretending to be something I am not.

    I like the glass though. =) The comment right above mine reminded me of the girl in a green cape. Now if that represented you (like your that super green hot girl saving the day) then I would be OK with that because it is not saying I have to be like that, just super girls who save the day. No pressure on me see? I still like you though and appreciate all you offer. Good luck!

    See you in April! ❤ Sonja

  69. I don’t care for it. I very much dislike the sexy silhouette. I don’t come to GSG for images like that. We don’t need even more sexualization in advertising!

  70. I don’t like it. Lots of men, women and children are learning from you, not just women wanting a sexy body; the logo makes me think that this is an add for a women’s body shaping program instead of a healthy program for all people of all ages. The logo doesn’t make me think of you (not educated & hardworking) or most of your “students.” I think a man would feel awkward attending a seminar and leaving with a folder with this logo.

  71. I think the logo is appealing, but very feminine looking. If you want feminine, it’s great, but if you want it to be more inclusive of both genders, then something less feminine would be better.

    I like how the silhouette has some curves, not too skinny.

  72. Sorry, I don’t care for it. I don’t like the pink or the woman because it discounts men and children who drink green smoothies. The pink also reminds me of Breast Cancer, etc. It should be more colorful… all the colors of fresh fruits and veggies.

  73. Total turn off. Too pink, ick! Too curvy silhouette. So feminine it excludes the guys, boys over 10 and tomboys like me. Ick!Overall it’s too busy. It won’t stand the test of time. Simplify.

    Green smoothies aren’t complicated, show some of the goodies in them, fruits and veggies have beautiful, simple colors that always stand the test of time.

  74. Sorry, but, the old one is the one for me, Green Smootie girl is green, she looks happy, and she sparkles! like people do when they drink “Green” Why change a good thing

  75. Where are you? Where are the kids? Can men be Green Smooothie

    people? Narrows who you are and what Green Smoothies can do for

    all. Your photo with the kids defines green smoothies for me. Pink & green is only girlie. I agree with the others who want colorful greens and veggies as a logo. THAT is green smoothies…. Keep up the good work no matter what logo you choose!

  76. Not liking this at all!!! Way too much stuff going on… What’s up with the James Bond beautiful girl silhouette? And it kind of reminds me of the 18-wheeler mud flaps you see on the highways. I think the brand should be simple and represent what Green Smoothie Girl is all about. Think about the logos for Apple and Google… very simple, but you can change them up occasionally to celebrate different themes/events!

  77. I think the graphic part of the logo is very retro and the text has a more contemporary feel. Choosing one or the other will help you make final decisions on your logo design and overall branding. Easiest way to go contemporary is remove the oval, swirls and curved banner behind text. Then crop the silhouette to focus on the upper half, drawing attention to the hand and the glass. Your designer should be able to help you decide which elements to add back in to make your logo stand out. I have many years of experience in logo design and branding; happy to donate some design help/guidance if needed. Also if you love pink and green, stick with it. You can’t go wrong including elements you love. It’s all about editing those choices to achieve the best end result for Green Smoothie Girl. Love your blog.

  78. I agree with Lori I think that Green Smoothie should be the same color(green) and Girl another color, but the rest of it is good.

  79. The pink sucks and there’s not much to do with smoothies! Fresh fruit and veg would be much better! Or even just a green and yellow theme – it’s fresh and bright! Perhaps a silhouette of a smoothie with fresh colours around, and ‘GSG’ in the centre of the silhouette in green??

  80. I’m not fond of the new one. I think simple is better.

    How about a beautiful bed of greens with the words Green Smoothie Girl on top. 🙂

  81. Branding is important . Finding what is uniquely you is hard. Where’s your heart in this? What image do you want convey as a first impression?

    I was surprised when I saw the logo. It did not seem to rightly represent you. I see you as more of a whole family support entity, reaching families toward the women. Hope this helps. I am also in the branding stage with my business. May God give you wisdom!

  82. I agree with the majority here. Definitely gives you a feel of a breast cancer ribbon mixed with truck flaps and from the graphic design side of things is all wrong. Why fix something that’s not broken? But if you must rebrand, most people interested in this lifestyle are attracted to GREEN leafy things, pure and simple colors, not hot pink retro sexy ladies. It’s not about that. It’s about feeding our families real food. Sorry, it just really makes me stomach turn. Your site and branding are already so great, just look at the following you have!

  83. It reminded me of breast cancer with the bright pink and it seems really retro – like the 60’s. Not my favorite.

  84. Not crazy about it . First intially reaction is more sexy then healthy. I also don’t think it is inclusive enough of all genders and young kids.

  85. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The old logo works best for me — being healthy doesn’t equate with just being “curvy” and”sexy.” The new logo is a turn off — too shallow, too commercial, too modern.

  86. The first thing that popped into my head was the silhouette you see on a truckers big rig mud flaps. The long wispy hair and the curvy hips gives it a porn overtone. I suggest checking out some of the female fitness competition posters. Convey health and strength.

  87. I agree with the comments above about the female. Not good. If you do anything with a shape or design, think about using the smoothie cup and strong lettering – also think about going back to the orange instead of pink. The green and orange are more representative of real, raw items that you use and it is more natural. I would be more drawn to that instead of a woman. That is implied with the name – don’t need to overstate it. I looked at the current lettering and it is more “real” than the proposed design.

  88. I like the “green smoothie girl” part, but very much dislike the pink swirls emanating from the green smoothie. And the James Bond woman doesn’t really represent Green Smoothies in my mind. Something fresh, clean and modern would be perfect – not too busy.

  89. I agree with several of the comments above. It’s a bit too “girlie” while your clientele is not specifically female. Something more gender/age neutral would be more appropriate in my opinion. You want to reach the whole spectrum of clients, not just females. Personally, as a guy, I’d be a bit very hesitant to spend any time on a webpage reading content if it had a logo like this on it.

    Just my 2 cents worth.

  90. more green, less pink, too feminine & not something that would catch my attention. She does seem too sexy and it puts the focus on her body rather than the smoothie. I know smoothies are all about having a healthy body but this kind of makes it seem they are to have a ‘sexy’ body.

    Maybe you could make the girl dressed in vegetables and fruit. 🙂

  91. “The logo idea is that by feeding your body pure food, you achieve beauty, health, your ideal weight, energy, more joy in life, and radiance.”

    doesn’t work for me at all – had to go back to your email about the purpose of a new logo – not really seeing any of those key words reflected in this logo. And I do wonder about beauty coming first – is that really your main focus? It’s not what I think of when drinking green smoothies and eating healthier – it’s more a by-product. Energy, joy, radiance, heath – those grab me and are why I come back to your site that is loaded with information on how to do that. I do not see that in this logo. I know there seems to be a trend by graphic designers toward blocky and simple – wondering if that’s a web/tweet trend that must be geared to the young ones – who’s your audience? I’m 55 and this feels flat and not at all welcome and warm. I like the bright colors on your site because they make it seem alive…

  92. My first reaction was, “that looks silly.” My next thought was that it would appeal to young girls because of the sillouette, fonts and colors. You and your company are anything BUT silly and I know you are trying to change the way EVERYONE feeds their bodies.

    The fonts make the name confusing as well. It appears as “Green Girl Smoothies” because, at first glance, you see the similar-looking words, THEN you take in the difficult-to-read script.

    What I DO like is the glass of green smoothie with stuff shooting out of it, but maybe you could replace the pink with many colors (not rainbow looking though) of the ribbony stripes coming out and outline the glass in a dark green rather than black. In fact, I would avoid using black altogether.

    BTW, I love what you do – you have changed my life for the better.

  93. As I look at the logo, it appears to me that the shapely lady is the desired result…to look sexy and shapely. Being as that is what the world portrays as desirable, I don’t like it. Green Smoothie girls to me connotates healthy habits, not keying in to what the world sees as sexy. While I am not offended by pink, (it makes me think of berries), I don’t know if I would go with green and pink for the logo myself. Green smoothies are plant based, right? You don’t show anything resembling anything nutritious in the logo at all. So to me it represents drinking some kind of green drink to look sexy…not what I would be wanting to promote…just my thoughts. I’d want to promote radiance, health, well-being and overall health. If I were going to put a silhouette on there, I would have it be something more tuned to health and exercise, yoga, relaxataion or something…good luck! Cindy

  94. Dear Robyn,

    Please don’t use any of it.

    It looks like a Charlie’s Angel girl from 70’s. The girl looks sexy in a NON-Green Smoothie way, the pink looks disco fever, the font looks childish. NONE of it reflects what I think you have tried to represent: STRENGTH, HEALTH, NATURE & FAMILY GOODNESS.

    It is your website, just remember we have all enjoyed the message. Don’t be conformed to the world, keep it simple.

    Thanks for all you do, keep on blending GSG.

    Blessings & Smiles from Texas :0)

  95. Not so much. Too feminine, too swirly, to pink, It actually seems detached from who you are and what you are about…. sooo not what those of us that like you are about.

  96. At first I had a hard time with it being a woman, as it discounts men anc children. But the name of the site is “greensmoothieGIRL” so maybe it should be feminine (representing you). I don’t love the colors, as it looks like it’s targeting a younger clientelle (like something my 15 and 19 year old daughters would love). Something more sophisticated would be nice (maybe purple instead of pink?). Also, you seemed to love the idea of a baby on the hip of the woman (sorry, I didn’t have time to read all othe comments . . . maybe you changed your mind). I am not a YOUNG mom anymore, and would rather not see that as your logo (again, it’s target audience is too specific).


    1. Susan…yes, I liked the idea of a mom with a baby on her hip, as my site USED to be about that when I first put it up…but I personally am not in that place anymore, and that’s just one demographic. I am hearing, loud and clear, that I need a logo that includes EVERYONE. I have some ideas and am loving the feedback.

  97. Wow! What a bunch of comments – My favorite is “truck Mud Guard”

    Here are a few suggestions:

    – Colorful Fruit on one side blending to a Large Smoothie Glass on the other

    – Large silhouette showing waist up Man, woman, Child or photo of such.

    Large words in front – Bringing Health to the Whole Family

    with a large glass of green smoothie (no fruit) Bright lushes green

    – A row of heads – Woman, Man, Child, Grand Ma, Grand Pa. ( All with sam

    color green shirts on. Blend that green down and put your text “Green

    Smoothie Girl Bringing Health To The Whole Family – Show Green smoothie

    in a Glass.

    Everyone else made good comments, I just wanted to tickle your imagination.


  98. Where did the veggies go? Why pink? Why a sexy woman–what about men and children?

    I give this avatar a lot of credit for being surprising / unexpected and controversial. Those a good points, but personally I don’t think it is an adequate represenatation of your mission or your audience.

  99. Hello Robyn,

    I am a huge fan of everything you are doing! As a marketing professional, I think you need to take a few steps back. How about asking this same group to comment on the name “Green Smoothie Girl”. I don’t think it has the strength to grow into the future.

    The history of “brands” is littered with names that gave an obsolete, or wrong message, or could not grow (think “International Business Machines” or “The National Biscuit Company”). Anyone remember the name of the Beatles before they got “branded” (I believe they were “The Quarrymen”)LOL.

    Ask the question of us: What would you name the organization that “Green Smoothie Girl” could become? What name would you be eager to tell friends & family that you consume their products, love their mission, donate time & money to them, and are quitting your job to go to work for them?

    Let the logo come later.

    Paul Murray

  100. Oh God NO!!!!!! I am a freelance artist/designer and this looks like it’s right out of clip art and the fonts don’t work. The green smoothie is way too small and the colors just don’t work…………for me anyways. Pink and black are predominant and “GREEN” is in your name!! I’ve followed your website for a while and am a true fan. I feel your logo needs to evoke energy, love, health, color and maybe a sense of whimsy to make you smile. I don’t mean to seem harsh, but I feel it misses the boat . I’d be glad to do you some sketches if you’d like, just let me know!! Have a great day, Cheers!

  101. Robyn,

    Try again. I like the energy coming from the glass, but the rest of it…the text, the pink, and the female outline is so very limiting to your audience. So many men and young men, need your help too and this type of logo is going to drive them away.

    You need something that represents the lifeforce that you are trying to restore and save in so many people. Think energy, light, life, restoration, longevity….

    Take care and success.


  102. keep it green and no sultry silohette… i seriously HATE green smoothie queens logo. it exudes SEX, not smoothies. blah. (not that sex is bad… just, seriously? smoothies?)

    keep it green and keep it simple.

  103. Green Smoothie Girl is a class act and it is directed to a much much wider audience than is reflected in this logo. No offense, but I agree that this cheapens and narrows what you stand for by a lot. It’s way too body-type and gender and age specific. (Does a little girl or boy relate to such an image? And kids are a big part of your intende audience, yes?) The colors are fun…but not really classy or connected much to the colors of fresh foods. You are an amazing person offering amazing support and information about an essential aspect of well-being. I love your website and your entire approach. I look forward to seeing what you come up with for a logo that can match the high quality, sensitivity and vibrancy that characterizes what you offer a huge audience. I much prefer the visual message of your home page…all those gorgeous fresh foods… than what is capture in this draft. Good luck!!! And a million thanks for what you provide to people committed to embracing a healthy lifestyle and nuturing a new generation in making great nutrition choices for the benefit of themselves and the planet.

  104. Yes, I agree with those who don’t like the pink. It looks too much like a candy cane which you really wouldn’t want anyone eating. The pink does not in any way signify health to me other than a healthy glow so to speak and I would use peach not pink. Why not a soft orange or peach or something that would connote health. I like the energy look of the green smoothie though. The pink also doesn’t really go with what one would immediately think of as a color of vegetables – other than the beets of course that you use in your favorite smoothie. The green smoothie is also very small. I would like it larger. Maybe a glow behind the avatar or something. Anyway, don’t like the pink at all!

  105. You are probably tired of reading comments about this. I think the best one I read was the one Nancy posted. She gave some very good, professional advice on this logo.

    I feel that this logo is discombobulated. It doesn’t represent what you do or what you stand for.

    My only additional suggestion is to go to an i-pad, or i-pod and look at the logos for apps. Most are clean, simple and straightforward. This is probably the look you want to go for since the majority of the nation/world seems to be heading this direction.

    Most people know that a white “F” in a blue square means “Facebook”. and that a little blue bird means “Twitter”. You need something like that to brand yourself and your business. Something that people will recognize instantly and not get bogged down with too much visual stimuli or feel isolated from.

  106. I like the colors, maybe just a little less pink?

    Maybe this is corny but I’d like to see greens and veggies and fruits in the logo.

  107. If we are voting i would not vote for it! The one you are using now i think is better.

    Is the picture of the girl supposed to be you or someone else or what?

    It does not work for me but then a Rose by another name still smells the same – i would think. 🙂

  108. OH GOD, NO!!!!! I am a freelance artist/designer and this logo is way off. It looks right out of a clip art book and the fonts do nothing. “Green” is right in your name and it’s the smallest part of the logo. I feel it needs to convey fresh energy, health, love, and maybe a sense of whimsy to make you smile.

    I don’t mean to sound harsh, but I’ve followed you a long time and this doesn’t represent your vibration. I’d be glad to do you a few sketches if you’d like, just contact me. Have a great day

  109. Too sexy and I agree with the “canned” comment. I’m new here and have really been enjoying your website, the information and the junk food dude book which I have given to my grandson!

  110. I’m not a huge fan of retro, but a lot of people are. Taking the advice you’ve gotten, and I think the suggestions considering iphones, apps and the like are great, why not make the oval the avatar. Drop the girl, expand the green smoothie and think about changing the pink. Could you put green smoothie girl around the edge of the oval?

  111. Sorry – don’t like – doesn’t show anything about eating true to our ‘green nature’, about the benefits of organics, being self-sufficient, sustainable, or helping humankind understand health and eating choices, which is truly what your passion is – if anything, incorporate a (GSG) logo into the veggies basket for people to associate it with you.

    Green is what its all about, for mankind’s on-going health and welfare – not about a ‘pink energy-silouette body’. WHY mess up a good thing?

    Keep it simple and recognizable.

  112. I agree with most. I think the Green Smoothie should be the same font – with energy, and Girl could be pink in cursive, but I think there should be a rainbow of color for all the fruits and veggies that can go into a green smoothie. Unless you are really looking to have a girl/woman, I don’t think you need it. Maybe a big smoothie glass or blender bursting with the rainbow of veggies/colors. And have the Sun in there too…Good Luck! Sure wish we had David Wolfe and you in Utah (cheap = ) lol

  113. I love that you’re doing this.

    I’m your big but quiet fan.

    I think this isn’t earthy enough. Not true to the image you have been touting all these years.

    You need something that us middle aged Moms, hauling kids and groceries and working 25 hrs/week can relate to.

    And where’s all the green? Pink is my favorite color but this is about the green!

    Good luck!

  114. Going with my first impression. I don’t think that by looking at the logo that the focus on the green smoothie lifestyle is there. I think the logo does give a bit of a mixed message and personally, though I’ve worked through this now, I felt a bit left out as a male. Based on the class you had up here in the Portland area last February (?) it seemed that the vast majority of your base is female, but I am in the minority and don’t want to be left out. I think the logo should focus more on the lifestyle, a healthy lifestyle…something with an infusion of color and energy in it. Whichever direction you go I will remain as a faithful follower.

  115. Robyn I think you did a fantastic job on the logo. It is very creative and makes me think of a healthy person. the Sillohette looks vibrate, healthy and happy all in one. that is how drinking green smoothies is suppose to make you feel. I for one love it.

  116. I like the one currently on your website. Pictures of fruit and vegetables and whole grains make me want to eat them. I’ve only been drinking green smoothies for three months but I have been to three of Robyn’s classes in that time. I felt like the “branding” that was missing was more about the employees at those classes. It would be helpful if they all had on matching aprons or at least t-shirts or name tags. I also like more green (olive rather than kelly) rather than pink.

  117. Since this is for green smoothie girl, I like the idea of having a woman silhouette. The pink isn’t so bad, but I think that you need to add more of a glow coming out from the silhouette. Holding the green smoothie is nice, it focuses on the green smoothie itself, the sum of all of the parts. Maybe add some sunlight to the image or the illusion of it?

    I think it’s a great start…and I love that you want the feedback from your readers!

  118. I think it looks sleazy, like an add for a cockatil lounge in Vegas, so if that is the audience you are going for, this is good…

    I think wholesome foods would be better.

  119. I suggest you go back to the drawing board. Stick with images of the fruits & vegetables. That is what it is all about.

  120. The silhouette is taking up too much space compared to the glass. What if the person (doesn’t have to be female) was drinking the smoothie and you could see the energy from the glass being ingested? (although I fear it would look nuclear, lol). Or drinking from the glass and a sunshine halo behind the silhouette? Or at least being able to see how happy the person is. In other words, it can’t be a black silhouette. I keep think of a person licking their lips (but I guess that could be misconstrued).

    The pink swirl makes me nauseous! 😛 But I don’t mind it in the lettering, and I like the leaf over the ‘i’. (wow, wish there was a drawing app and we could sketch our ideas! How fun would that be?)

    I prefer ponytail idea to that loose hair look. I don’t like the silhouette in black as black is an inherently unhealthy colour. (like black mould and black thumbs).

    Hmmm.. anything I’ve missed? I was half way to agreeing that the silhouette should be more inclusive, but then the logo is more about YOU! You are the green smoothie girl. Like Col Sanders from Kentucky Fried Chicken or Dave from Wendy’s (is that just Canadian?).

    Was that helpful? 😀 Can’t wait to see the final logo!

  121. I’m a graphic designer and I really believe in simplicity. You have a great name and product that you just don’t need to over-complicate. If in doubt, keep it simple, look at what other brands are doing and try to create something with longevity. A good logo should always work just as well in black and white as it does in colour. A beautiful font with just your name could look amazing. Good luck, logos are notoriously difficult to get right.

  122. I think that if you are trying to appeal to teens and 20 something females than this would be great. But I feel that your majority is towards a broader group. I think a simple logo with words would be best. you could incooperate some of the same ideas into the coloring of the font but maybe get rid of the sexy lady. Love you! I cant wait to see your lecture at UW tonight 🙂

  123. I like the idea of a new logo, but I would feel more empowered if the girl looked more athletic and powerful. I also think the pink should be green.

  124. As a designer, I honestly think this logo does not work at all. Sorry. For one it’s way too busy. It should definitely be simplified (imagine this logo shrunk down!). The best logos and most memorable are the simplest ones. You want to create an identity (icon) that is easily recognizable (think nike, NBC, Jamba Juice, Starbucks, etc). And be careful when using gradients…you want to make sure that whatever element you apply the gradient to will still stand out. If you have to use a gradients I would use bold fonts. I don’t understand the relevance of the banner and circle with black outline? I would different fonts as well. You want your branding to stand out…the design you have now would get lost in the background. Hope this all helps 🙂

  125. I like it, even the pink though I’m not a pink kind of guy. I do agree that it does give off a sexy vibe. I would think a healthier look would be more in line but not sure how you would show that.

  126. It’s good that it is your silhouette. However Im thinking just to take 10 to 20 pounds off the hip area ( greens aren’t fattening).

    Then where the 2-tone pink comes out of the glass, change that to a 2-toned green.(This would make it appear as though out of the glass is coming a powerful green essence, because after all, that is what happens.

    Please keep my email address private. Im giving it to you in case you would like to reply to me.

    Thank you and my best to you.

  127. Nope, I don’t like the silhouette, I know its just a silhouette, Its too sexy, she looks like a bar waitress at hooters serving up and electric green margarita. 🙂 I am thinking that something more sporty would be more appropriate, or even a “super woman” idea. Although I am not sure how to portray that. At least that how i see green smoothies, they give me more energy, energy to move more and to not get bogged down chasing and homeschooling 4 kids.

    I too agree with their needing to be less pink….

    Just a thought.

  128. HATE THE PINK, and pink is my favorite color. I have to agree with the others. It just doesn’t work. The smoothie glass is way too small, and sorry, but what man would go further into this website except to see more mudflap girls. The logo with the produce was much more professional. This looks kind of childish.

  129. First thing that came to mind (I think it was the shape of the silouette combined with the big swirl) was ‘Bond’ girl – like in the James Bond movies. I don’t like it. What about a picture featuring a big green smoothie glass, and formed in the condensation the image of healthy looking smiling woman – not like a literal photo image, more of a pop art image. The soda companies know that condensation just looks so great in an ad – where not turn the tables on them and use it yourself?

  130. Personally, I don’t really care for the overall logo. I just happen to be a Graphic Designer (who works for dirt cheap!). While I don’t do web design, I DO create logos. If you are interested I would love to have the opportunity to put my two cents in and perhaps work with you and your team on some ideas for a logo.

  131. I can kind of see the idea behind this. The pink and feminine silhouette represents the “girl” part of the name. And the girl holding the green smoothie with the weird pink waves represents energy and renewal. I do get it. It’s definitely catches your eye and stands out. I guess you just need to think about your target “market” so to speak.. and use a logo that will attract and also represent them. I think the people that follow your diet and advice are working to eat healthy, and need help in figuring out how to do it. Bright, vibrant, fruit and vegetable colors… fonts that are exciting, energetic, but also down to earth.

  132. So I’ve thought about it, I think the most successful part of the new logo is the actual green smoothie part.

    Blow up the green smoothie to be the main graphic element, with the text integrated somehow (text in a circle, text directly below in a line) in a consistent font.

    That’s my 4 cents, and you are brave for opening this to everyone. I’m glad you did though 🙂

  133. to clarify, my suggestions of those links were just as reference as an idea of something that could either be a trademark or servicemark to go next to “green smoothie girl” or to go on the outside of the glass that has the swirling power of antioxidants and enzymes flowing out of it. =)

  134. I think you should drop the pink. I would like to see fruits and veggies incorporated and possibly a crown to symbolize the queen. Maybe a crown with veggies to embellish instead of jewels on a traditional crown.

  135. It doesn’t feel “natural” enough. It seems too “designer.” I do like the energy coming out of the drink. But overall to commercial.

  136. I think it gives the wrong impression. I would take one look and say, “Not for me.” Very discouraging and sensual, like our whole work now days. Tired of being bombarded by sex. Really need something wholesome and healthy if you ask me.

  137. Correction. I meant like our whole world now days. Sexy is emphasized everywher you look. Sorry for the typo 🙂

  138. This one doesn’t do it for me. When I first opened my email and saw the new logo, I didn’t think of my Green Smoothie Girl. It made me think of what the world is promoting, what the world thinks you should be. With this logo you might only capture the girls/women’s eyes. You need to show this is for EVERYONE! man, woman, youth or child. You are the Green Smoothie Girl and you promote the good healthy ways to keep our bodies healthy and strong. Your logo should show this. You are however the picture of health and a great motivation for all to do the right thing for our bodies. Love you.

  139. I’m married to an architect / artist and I have a good sense of design / color (so hope I can help). I didn’t have time to read all the other comments… so apologies if this has already been said. Lots for you to read already from others.

    It needs to be more “organic” (earthy) feeling (IMHO). There are a lot of graphics out there now that are more flowing feeling and green too — or other earth-based colors. I’d steer away from the pink (even though pink and green are great together — you don’t find hot pink in nature much) — and you are trying to get people to “stick with nature”, right?

    I have one on my Firefox page (a persona) called “floral green”. Go to Mozilla’s page ( and click on personas…. Type floral green in the search box at the top to see what I mean.

    There are a billion to look at and I’m sure you will find something there that you can use to give your designer a better idea of what fits you and is a bit more organic feeling (green leaves, etc.).

    All the best to you and thanks for all you do!

  140. The old logo says “what you’re all about”…it looks healthy and real. Purple swirls show energy but the green drink isn’t big enough. My vote is NO on the new…stay with the old OR find a different logo. BTW there are many of us not the cute sexy shape and although you are; are you speaking to what we are to become which is healthy men and women or who you are??? PS I also like the bigger leaf in the old logo AND the cuter type face; the new one is plain-er.

  141. This logo emphasizes “girl” more than “green” or “smoothie”- which I think are more important concepts to communicate. Obviously you are a girl and that’s wonderful…but I think less emphasis on that point would make your brand appeal to a broader audience. And I absolutely agree that simple is best. Your logo doesn’t have to say it all – it should invite your audience in to want to learn more.

    Enjoy the branding process – this can be a wonderful time of refocusing on your true passions and vision!

  142. Yes! Austin Powers–that’s what I was thinking when I saw it, but couldn’t quite nail it until Ruth (above) mentioned it. Haven’t watched the movie, but know it well enough to think I don’t want to watch it–and the logo reminds me of it.

    I love everything you are and represent. You’ll find it. Thank you for your help.

  143. I am a graphic designer and own my own firm, and I don’t think this logo is appropriate for your business. I think it looks amateurish and “cheesy.” It makes me think of teenage pop stars, not healthy foods and living. I think the pink is completely off the mark, and the shading in the letters communicates “cheap” and “artificial” to me. In addition, any good logo should be just as effective in black and white as color, and I don’t think this logo would translate well.

  144. P.S. I noticed in the above comments that someone has mentioned that they do design for “dirt cheap.” Please, everyone, remember that you get what you pay for! Andy any graphic designer who is working for dirt cheap is bringing down our whole industry as is anyone entering contests or doing spec work.

  145. I like the logo. I am new to your blog but have been a health nut for a good many years. I am also an artist by trade…. not sure if that is good or bad but I think the logo embodies the same message as the text. it is clean, modern, fun, girl-y, and green. It has energy and spunk — the same as you in the videos. Often, we focus on elements of design when we are asked for an opinion. But in much the same way that Cindy Crawford’s beauty mark might be looked at as ‘unfortunate’ by some, it is part of her beauty…. What I am trying to say is that we should look at the vibe not the elements of this design. I think it is a keeper. Congrats!

  146. Love the logo, its green and pink, showing clean health and female power. yep folks say its sexy, but what the hey we are female and we are sexy regardless of size, age or condition. Love it. Moms rule the world.

  147. I don’t like the pink (and I like pink.) I love all the fruits and veggies on your web page…maybe do a caricature of you surrounded by all those fruits and veggies. Keep up the good work!

  148. If it still counts the overwhelming responcnes are from girls. Girls are great no problem there, but is there away to extend the message that Green smoothie are for guys to?

    I know, its probable just my weird male persective. 🙂

  149. Gotta be honest. Don’t love it. My husband is a graphic designer and it looks like something he would shake his head at.

  150. Please leave photos of the beautiful, colorful fruits and veggies!

    Our Creator designed them as they are with all of the beautiful color

    to attract our eye to them. Processed foods can only imitate these colors

    in their packaging.

  151. It really doesn’t saw “green smoothie girl” to me. It reminds me of a tampon logo or some other feminine hygene product. Sorry- but I would say no.

  152. In reading these comments I must be in the minority, as a man. 🙂

    I agree with many of the comments here identifying the logo and colors as very “female” in the marketing sense. It is a good idea to appeal to as wide of an audience as possible. I am not suggesting eliminating the word “girl” from your site/logo. The colors and female body depiction just take it a bit too far.

    The goal is to cast as wide of a net as possible, so to speak. Building a site and design around the female body form and pink colors will likely turn away a lot of readers (men) before actually reading the content.

    I really like the current picture of greens/vegetables as a main design element on your page. It is gender neutral and inviting. Is there a way to depict that message/image in your new logo?

  153. I love everything about it except for just one thing. That blob of pink just the the right of the glass is out of proportion and needs to be divided up into two or three smaller swirls which fade to a lighter shade of pink (like the swirls below it do). Then as you’re shrinking the swirls carved from the pink blob, make them graduating smaller as they get closer to the already existing smallest swirl that currently exists just above the blob.

  154. I like your current heading look. No need to go all trendy girl-marketing look. How about a photo of some rainbow chard with a glass of green smoothie in front of it…oh, right, that’s what you already have;-)

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