So your sex drive isn’t what it used to be?

A few tips for those suffering from lack of libido (or maybe it’s your partner whose sex drive doesn’t match yours). (You know that I was trained as a sex therapist in my graduate studies? Hope you don’t mind if I mix in a little of that, along with nutrition ideas.)

1.           Maca. Add it to a green smoothie. It’s the “Peruvian ginseng,” a root vegetable prized by the Incans for thousands of years for its ability to improve athletic endurance and sexual stamina.

2.           Bee pollen. Look what it does for the queen bee! It’s a powerful aphrodisiac. Try one grain to make sure you’re not allergic, then two grains the next day. Take a teaspoon a day when you’ve ascertained you don’t have a sensitivity to it. Eat a spoonful or put it in a smoothie. It also has a potentially helpful effect on seasonal allergies, and immune function!

3.           Figure out what your time of day is, and take advantage of that. Some people are simply more interested in sex in the morning, rather than at night. It’s a truism that many folks are either “night people” or “morning people.” Nothing wrong with that–you might have to compromise if your partner is the opposite.

4.           Women, get a full blood-panel workup at a specialized hormone clinic (generally these are run by nurse practitioners) to find out if progesterone or female testosterone is the root of the problem. More and more women are suffering from endocrine disruption and imbalance, probably partly because of things like soy in all our foods, hormones in our animal proteins, etc. A little yam-based progesterone or hormone cream may work wonders. (However, you want this only if it’s warranted by your test results!) Testosterone cream is appropriate only if you are 40 or older. Other remedies your natural-care practitioner may recommend, like DHEA, or flax oil, could be easily located at a health-food store.

5.           Realize that, according to research, even 10 lbs. of extra weight can dramatically affect your sex drive. Not only because you are less confident and feel less sexy–and libido has everything to do with self-confidence or self-esteem, too–but also because of the unbalancing effect on your hormones. Progressing with whole foods to your ideal weight, then, has even more upside potential.

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  1. Hi Allan,

    Thank you for your reply. No, she is not using birth control or hormone contraception methods. I think the main problem is that she eats the SAD diet, lots of junk foods, coffee, soda, wine, and zero water.

    I try really hard to try and get her to drink water, eat green smoothies, and raw superfoods, but she refuses. She doesn’t like green colored foods! She is in constant pain, I think it’s joint pain in her shoulders and / or inflammation. I tell her that herbs like turmeric will eliminate the inflammation, and green smoothies plus water will eliminate the chronic pains and low energy, but she is not willing to give them a chance.

    There is no hope. I can no longer talk to her about nutrition because she gets upset that I am ‘lecturing’ her.

  2. To Scott:

    Is your wife on birth control pills or other synthetic hormone contraception method. Birth control pills reportedly diminish libido

    Maca is supposed to balance hormones. It appears to work for all sexes and ages. Maca may not work for a women taking birth control pills or other synthetic hormones. If contraception is a must…try another method.

  3. Do not forget the power of consistent exercise and the greensmoothie. When I make the greensmoothie in the morning I have another thermos like bottle that I take mid-day to keep flooding my body with phytonutrients and minerals.

  4. A couple of weeks ago I decided to try maca. It just about wiped me out! At the end of the day I had a splitting headache and it lasted for a week. My head would feel this way when I would bend over. I think that is high blood pressure. The recommended dose was 1 tsp. I put one half tsp. in my smoothie. During that week I felt really tired. Do you think the maca did this or another cause? It has been two weeks now and no headache but I am still super tired all the time. I drink one quart of green smoothie in the morning and one quart of green smoothie for lunch. I eat regular food for dinner. What do you think? Has this happened to anyone else?

  5. I wish my wife would take some of these superfoods. She has a super low libido, basically non-existent, and she is only 36 years old.

    I eat raw vegetarian with tons of superfoods and I have a high libido. Unfortunately she eats the SAD diet and has zero libido.

    I try to make her green smoothies, which she eats on rare occasions. I try to sneak small amounts of Maca & bee pollen into the smoothie but she always catches me and gets upset because she claims she doesn’t like the taste of maca.

    I wish there was a supplement she would take to boost her libido. I try hard to make her take supplements but she won’t do it! It’s very frustrating and I’m close to giving up. I didn’t get married to practice celibacy. I don’t really want a divorce, but she won’t improve her diet and she hasn’t been ‘in the mood’ in a few years, we’ve had sex maybe twice in the past three years.

  6. Hi Robyn,

    Another helper with stamina as well as mood enhancement is Rhodiola. I have found it in a drink I love that tastes like a green tea, very refreshing at its called Rev3 and the packets are what you want to get, you add thedm to water. Also it replaces electrolytes and are only 10 calories and all natural! You can get discount by ordering at above website! I love for a healthy pick me up after a hard workout also for mood enhancement, my boyfriend is in love with what it does for his stamina! (Ok I love what it does for both of us)!

  7. Nature’s Sunshine has maca and bee pollen and I love both of those products! Just look online or there is a store called Herbs for Health in Pleasant Grove Ut that you can get those things at too.

  8. I have been using Maca for a while now along with my own proprietary herbal blends and at age 47, I honestly have the libido of a 20 yr. old. In fact, my girlfriend says Im better than the 20 yr olds. Green Smoothies Rock!

  9. I am also wondering the same as Krista above. How can you increase your libido without diminishing the quality/quantity of breastmilk?

  10. Where do you recommend buying Bee Pollen? Do you buy it in granules or in pill form? Is there a brand you recommend or all all brands pretty much equal?

  11. Fabulous ideas! Now, what do you do if your libido is low due to breastfeeding? Waiting until weaning isn’t an option, we practice extended breastfeeding and I foresee nursing for a long, long time. I don’t want to take anything that will mess up my milk supply or pass onto my children.

  12. It was great to see you in Riverdale. Do you mind if I e-mail you about how to cut down my food budget more? Thank you so much for your example.

  13. I wanted to say that I love reading your posts. I get on almost every day to see what new things you have to say and teach me. I also wanted to tell you how much I liked your class last night. It was not only interesting and good food, but you made it a lot of fun.

    I haven’t been able to afford to get your book yet, but will work on getting it. But I have a question. I was trying to have the hot pink breakfast smoothie for breakfast and a green smoothie for lunch. But by the time lunch rolls around I want something non sweet and something I can eat and not drink. I am not much of a sweet person, I like fruit and sometimes a sweet treat, but I mostly crave salty things. Sometimes I will drink half a green smoothie for lunch and eat something with it, but I find that I tend to eat too many calories that way. A while back before I looked at your program, I would eat oatmeal for breakfast, a cooked lunch along with some veggies, a green smoothie for snack and then a cooked dinner with a big salad. Anyway, I wanted to know if I should just stick with it and keep trying and the cravings will go away or try something new. And usually I need something for snack in the afternoon, if I don’t snack on green smoothie, I don’t know what else to snack on. I sometimes snack on air popped popcorn.

    Anyway, thanks for all you do. Kathy

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