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five major topics in whole foods–this week!

Candace friended me today on facebook and sent me this:

“My daughter dragged me to one of your classes, but I left a convert. I have been drinking Green Smoothies every morning for the past eight weeks.   I’m eating more green vegetables now (via green smoothies) than I probably have all my life. I have Macular Degeneration, and it’s incredible how much this is helping my eyes already!”

Come to my Orem or Riverdale class on Tues. or Thurs. night this week! I’m doing $350 in giveaways from Roxberry (drive-thru green smoothies), SunWarrior (protein powder, green drink), and Crio Bru (brewed chocolate). Learn about

Whole-foods breakfasts

Plant-based main dishes

Sprouting and dehydrating

Fermented foods

Whole-foods treats

We’ve made each of you your own sprouting lid, to use with any canning jar to sprout anything! We’ll have a handout with all the recipes, and we’re serving Hot Pink Breakfast Smoothie, Robyn’s Granola (with sprouts), Greek Olive-Lentil Pasta, Kefir Smoothie, Flax-Veggie Crackers, Chocolate Beet Cake, and Halva Candy.

Sign up HERE for Orem and HERE for Riverdale.

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