If you saw what I see…..part 1 of 2

I wish you could be me for a few days, and talk to the people I talk to. It’s rather motivating in ways both negative and positive.

In the last week and a half, I’ve done 6 intro classes locally, several of them with over 100 in attendance. (Photos below of the last one in Sandy, UT, last wk.) About 30 usually stay after, to talk. This is what I learn from them, as well as many who write us on the site:

People are suffering.

Not just elderly people, but many in their 20’s and 30’s. On Thursday, I talked to a very young mother of babies who has just been diagnosed with nerve lesions and probable multiple sclerosis. She began to cry as she told me about it. An uber-fit weightlifting young mom who can barely function through the day and falls asleep in the car waiting to pick her son up from school, because she has no energy. Another gorgeous 30-ish mom of four whose husband died of a prescription drug reaction.