I’m so excited to announce the 2011 GreenSmoothieGirl retreat, Overthrowing the Standard American Diet, One Family at a Time!

Come meet my posse of amazing nutrition-superhero friends–parents, authors, and chefs, all of them!–at Noah’s in Lindon, Utah, this April 21-23. We will instruct and inspire you in a direction that can profoundly change your life for the better.

My staff will cater meals featuring each author’s favorite recipes. We’ll be doing demos, workshops, panels, and all kinds of other fun stuff like yoga and mini-massages and meditations! The group will be small enough that you can meet and ask questions and get your books signed by any and all of the participants.

Bring the kids so we can change their paradigm too and let them rub shoulders with other kids and families who care about health and nutrition! They’ll visit an organic indoor farm, tour the healthy parts of a grocery store, and learn in lots of ways to cook and enjoy healthy food.

We have only 200 adult seats at the retreat, and all the other six authors participating will be announcing to their folks in a few days. You’re hearing it here first, so please grab your seat now.

If you register before Feb. 15, you get fun giveaways worth over $150 from EVERY ONE of the 7 superhero authors: tons of recipes, meal planners, gluten-free info, and support! Check it all out HERE.

Can’t wait!!