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Announcing this FIRST for blog readers….LOCALS only

Back to more Africa reporting later….

FIRST THING: We instituted a ticketing system, rather than the old RSVP system, for the 5 classes I am teaching at Good Earth stores next week.

When I got back from Africa, all of the classes were FULL except Orem, which has a little room left. American Fork and Riverdale are WAY overfull. That’s because everyone RSVP’d, but many did not complete the process all the way to obtaining the ticket, where we had placed the limits. (Fun and random: glancing through the RSVP’s, I noticed we have some pretty famous people in a couple of the classes, FYI, but I’ll let you discover that for yourself if you come.)

You must have a ticket to get in the class. (That doesn’t guarantee you a CHAIR, however, because we are maxing the room capacity—the last 20% to arrive still may be sitting on a milk crate or standing in the back—really sorry about that!)

If you are RSVP’d but did not obtain an actual ticket, please click the link before to download yours in the email you received when you RSVP’d.

If we add another class to accommodate the waitlists next week, or when I schedule these classes again in May or so, we’ll let you know.

SECOND THING: This is a first for me—who knows if I’ll ever do it again!

I’m teaching classes on Tastes of 12 Steps to Whole Foods. Part 1 and 2. My staff will cater it, so you can watch demos and try everything we make!

The four two-part classes have limited seating. In these classes you WILL get a chair (no one standing or sitting on the floor)! Sign up here ASAP because I’m pretty sure they will sell out:

Orem Good Earth Feb. 22 and Mar. 8
Provo Good Earth, Feb. 23 and Mar. 9
Riverdale Good Earth, Feb. 24 and Mar. 10
Sandy Good Earth, Feb. 25 and Mar. 4