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A San Diego reader weighs in about multivitamins vs. whole foods

Margaret K. from San Diego wrote me this after my blog series on multivitamins:

Here is my experience with vitamins. I bet I have spent thousands of dollars on vitamins and vitamin programs over the last 30 years. If I had it to do again-I would not spend one dime on them.

they are just a stab in the dark. I never really knew what I needed but would hear about a vitamin that seemed like it would help me so I would buy it. I never really felt any different and had no idea how to measure whether it was doing me any good. I, too, feel that you can throw off the balance of your own natural balance.

I have been fully into GSG program now for a year after spending 30 years trying on my own. I have energy, had my hearing loss restored, incontinence gone, and so many other miracles. Multivitamins? NO WAY-I have everything I need to continue getting better!


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