Age spots disappearing!

I’m in Africa from Dec. 27 until Jan. 8, but while I’m gone, Chris is posting some fun letters I have received lately. Here’s one I think you’ll like. I love when readers write me with very specific info about what, exactly, they have changed in their lifestyles that is causing health improvements:

Dear GreenSmoothieGirl: For the past 2 months, both my husband (65) & I (58) have been consuming a 90% raw food eating program. We prefaced our “new” eating habits with a 7 day cleansing fast. A Green Smoothie is our morning breakfast. We eat fresh, organic veggies and use our Vita Mix to blend raw “soups,” which we eat with either organic brown rice, quinoa, or a slice of yeast free spelt or rye bread. No sugars, white flour, caffeine, vitamins, etc. Apples are our new fast food.

Since we started eating raw, both of us have shed 20 lbs! Besides the tale of the tape, we both noticed something missing on our hands – the age spots (liver spots) on both our hands have faded to nothing! It’s amazing that this sign of aging can be reversed, just by eating whole, unprocessed foods and in such a relatively short time.

Thanks for being true to your convictions & spreading the word!