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Should I Take Supplements? Part 5 of 6

In a nutshell, as I put thousands of people on the supplements and tracked their subsequent antioxidant scan results, their levels increased only marginally. I gathered data from thousands of supplement takers over the course of a year before I left that business completely. (At one point during the year, I was the fastest-growing distributorship […]

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Should I Take Vitamins? Part 4 of 6

Dr. Blaine Chambers says this (verbatim, not edited): “You are ringing my bell now. Your emphatic ‘No’ to multivitmins is quite harsh and certainly not good advice. Also, you assume all vitamins are ‘synthetic.’ My multivitamin by NutraPerfect is one designed by me that is a food grade natural vitamin with no synthetics. I agree […]

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Should I Take Multivitamins? Part 3 of 5 now!

You know from my last two days’ posts what I think about the false safety net of multivitamins. I was not trying to being comprehensive when I suggest that some specific supplementation may be appropriate for some people. (Note that I was responding to the question, “Should I take MULTIVITAMINS?” Not “Should I ever take […]

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Should I Take Multivitamins? Part 2 of 2

If I were going to be a sailor on a ship for 6 months with no fruits or vegetables available, would I take a vitamin supplement? Sure I would. To avoid deficiency diseases like scurvy and rickets. But living in this land of abundance, with fruits and vegetables from all over the world in 5 […]

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