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“I love my body,” part 1 of 4

Provocative title of this blog post, right? The topic I probably spent the most time on at the Zermatt class a week ago is the special talent women have for indulging in guilt and tearing ourselves down! Where we spend our thoughts, and feelings, causes us to unite our body/mind/spirit in positive ways–-or it causes […]

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Thanks for coming to the Zermatt class

I had the distinct privilege to co-teach with Raw Melissa and Gluten-Free Desi at the Zermatt Resort in Midway last Thurs. With a sold-out event and a wait list, five demos, and a lot of material I wanted to cover with my foodie friends, I wasn’t sure how it would go. First of all, Leslie […]

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If you don’t hate your book by the time it’s published….

Today I dropped my high-school junior off at school with his just-completed, illustrated children’s book. The assignment was to find out the favorite and least-favorite things of a five-year old and write/illustrate a book about it. Considering the COMPLETE lack of artistic talent in this family, I was impressed with Cade’s final product. The book […]

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How My Grama Beat Stage 3 Cancer

Some of you know my story. Its beginnings were watching my grandmother say “no thanks” to chemo/radiation and choose something else, in 1980. Check out what I told SunWarrior about that in my hotel room in Las Vegas recently. (Misspellings in the video are not mine.)

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10 minutes to feel like a great mom. Because you are!

I saw Kristy again, when I was running errands today. She’s the mom whose 6-year old daughter had her first green smoothie at Roxberry, my first GSG franchisee. Kristy said, “I’m making them at home now. My daughter is totally okay with drinking green stuff because she saw them doing it at the smoothie store.” […]

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NYC: hot dogs or raw gourmet? Horn of plenty or fries and a shake?

After my second trip to New York City this year, the verdict is this: in keeping with the diversity of that teeming city as immigrants poured in during the 19th and early 20th century, the city is all things. Hot dog stands AND lush edible vegetables growing next to the street on 9th Ave. A […]

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Syrus the Dog, and his Green Smoothie Habit

We’ve featured dogs on this blog before, but just in case you don’t think the same rules apply to dogs that apply to humans (processed food bad, whole foods good), here’s GSG reader Lisa’s story: Hi Robyn! I would like to tell you about my dog, Syrus and send you some photos to add to […]

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