World-Wide Green Smoothie Detox starts Jan. 2!

How are you holding up against the gingerbread and butter tarts so far?

What about those buttery mashed potatoes and gravy?

Maybe you’ve been avoiding the bowls of salty, roasted cashews and chocolate-covered almonds, but MOST of us end up overeating during the holidays.

Fortunately, January 1st comes quickly and is the ideal time to make new resolutions! While you’re getting healthy, pounds will melt off.

Green Smoothie Queen and Green Smoothie Girl are co-hosting a 21-Day Green Smoothie Detox!

And we’re kicking it off Jan. 2, 2011. Tera’s doing the first teleseminar, and I’m doing the last!

Check it out HERE.

This is not your average detox.

We’ll set our resolutions for the year together, and support one another in putting some healthy new habits in place for the first four weeks of the year!


…the best part is that you can INVITE A GUEST TO JOIN YOU FOR FREE!

We’re doing that because people succeed far more often if they have support in place. Plus, it’s just more fun with a friend!

If you sign up one person (or yourself), we’ll let you offer the detox as a free gift to another person of your choosing.

It’s opportunities like this to come together that truly make all the difference in our ability

to implement a healthy lifestyle that lasts forever.

Be sure to reserve your spot soon!

Your friends,

Green Smoothie Girl Robyn, and Green Smoothie Queen Tera