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“I love my body,” part 4 of 4

Dear GreenSmoothieGirl: “Should I do a cleanse, and what products should I use?”

Answer: I think hardcore colon cleanses are something you should do only a few times in a lifetime. (They are invasive. Plan on a need to rebuild a healthy colonization of intestinal flora with a high-raw diet and lots of probiotic for a couple of months afterward.) I recommend instead participating in the GSG Detox Program which will clean out the toxic sludge that has built up in your digestive tract for decades, as well as chemicals accumulated in your liver, kidneys, skin, and lymphatic system. This program is a very thorough cleans, but not as invasive as some of the other colon cleanses available.

Also, on a pretty regular basis, I take a day or two to let my body rest if I’ve not eaten as well as I normally do. If I’m feeling a little off, a little low-energy. If I’ve gained a few pounds. If I’m traveling.

And one thing I was looking for at the Natural Products Expo West this year was a great meal-replacement shake. I’m not talking about the junk that sells in a can in regular grocery stores. (SlimFast is not good food!)

I wanted something nutrition-packed, sprouted preferably, low-calorie but high-fiber, only whole and organic foods, and very palatable.

I found it! Coconut milk powder, chia seeds, sprouted legumes, sea vegetables, dehydrated greens, spices—everything organic. Just blend a scoop into water or juice.

I used it for a while before putting it in my store. LOVE IT for a couple of meals of detox—or a couple of days. Only 80 to 130 calories but it covers a lot of nutritional bases and is rather filling, thanks to chia seed. It has the perfect omega fatty acid balance, and only 1 gram of sugars and 3 grams of protein. It’s a quick and safe way to drop a few pounds quickly.

Check out my more detailed description here. I think this is an important product to have on hand to fairly often give the body a break from heavy digestion. It’s great for holidays recovery if you slipped off the GSG wagon.

It’s also good to keep on hand at work with a Blender Bottle to shake up. Almost like a green smoothie in a bottle, and doesn’t take 10 minutes to make. It has a six-month shelf life so it should be refrigerated. You can find it in the store here.

I’m taking it with me to Africa when I leave Dec. 27.

 (Edited Sept. 2014)