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“I love my body,” part 4 of 4

Dear GreenSmoothieGirl: “Should I do a cleanse, and what products should I use?”

Answer: I think hardcore colon cleanses are something you should do only a few times in a lifetime. (They are invasive. Plan on a need to rebuild a healthy colonization of intestinal flora with a high-raw diet and lots of probiotic for a couple of months afterward.) I’ve done the Arise & Shine cleanse 3 times in my life. Only the first time had dramatic results, because the other times I was already pretty “clean.” The products are excellent and support you well, nutritionally, as you deep-clean.

However, on a pretty regular basis, I take a day or two to let my body rest if I’ve not eaten as well as I normally do. If I’m feeling a little off, a little low-energy. If I’ve gained a few pounds. If I’m traveling.

And one thing I was looking for at the Natural Products Expo West this year was a great meal-replacement shake. I’m not talking about the junk that sells in a can in regular grocery stores. (SlimFast is not good food!)

I wanted something nutrition-packed, sprouted preferably, low-calorie but high-fiber, only whole and organic foods, and very palatable.

I found it! Coconut milk powder, chia seeds, sprouted legumes, sea vegetables, dehydrated greens, spices—everything organic. Just blend a scoop into water or juice.

I used it for a while before putting it in my store. LOVE IT for a couple of meals of detox—or a couple of days. Only 80 to 130 calories but it covers a lot of nutritional bases and is rather filling, thanks to chia seed. It has the perfect omega fatty acid balance, and only 1 gram of sugars and 3 grams of protein. It’s a quick and safe way to drop a few pounds quickly.

Check out my more detailed description here. I think this is an important product to have on hand to fairly often give the body a break from heavy digestion. It’s great for holidays recovery if you slipped off the GSG wagon.

It’s also good to keep on hand at work with a Blender Bottle to shake up. Almost like a green smoothie in a bottle, and doesn’t take 10 minutes to make. It has a six-month shelf life so it should be refrigerated. You can find it in the store here.

I’m taking it with me to Africa when I leave Dec. 27.