If you don’t hate your book by the time it’s published….

Today I dropped my high-school junior off at school with his just-completed, illustrated children’s book. The assignment was to find out the favorite and least-favorite things of a five-year old and write/illustrate a book about it.

Considering the COMPLETE lack of artistic talent in this family, I was impressed with Cade’s final product. The book was something about Batman doing battle with an army of killer zombie carrots. (I’ll let you guess which the little boy likes and which he doesn’t, between Batman and carrots.)

Cade was grumbling on the way to school today about how much he hates his book. My comment: “I always say that if you don’t hate your book by the time it’s published, you didn’t write a good book. So that’s a good sign.”

(You’re sick of it. You’ve read it until you’re blue in the face. Any other authors can weigh in here.)

Ironically, I got a call this afternoon that the proof of The Adventures of Junk Food Dude was here! I’m now proudly carrying it around with me. One of the owners of The Good Earth just came over to my house to pick up 12 Steps courses and books, and I practically forced him to read the whole book.

I was telling Cade this morning that I want to show him the book when I got the proof. I’ve had enough space from it that I don’t mind looking at it anymore. He said, “Yeah. Well. That’s because YOU didn’t have to illustrate it!”

True enough. Lori Sume, my illustrator, you are so creative and artistic, I just love you. You worked so hard.

Can’t wait for y’all to see the book, which is maybe my favorite thing I’ve ever done. A few weeks now!