Syrus the Dog, and his Green Smoothie Habit

We’ve featured dogs on this blog before, but just in case you don’t think the same rules apply to dogs that apply to humans (processed food bad, whole foods good), here’s GSG reader Lisa’s story:

Hi Robyn!

I would like to tell you about my dog, Syrus and send you some photos to add to your Green Smoothie Mustache collection.   Syrus was diagnosed almost 12 weeks about with a brain tumor.   Surgery was not an option.   Syrus was put on high doses of steroids (at one point he was up to 6 mg of Dexamethasone, which is 8-10 times stronger than prednisone–it’s a lot!), which caused him to basically waste away in front of me.

He went from 70 pounds to 52 in 2 weeks.   He developed a GI bleed and a urinary tract infection (UTI).

He has been on a raw diet (high quality, certified raw meats and vegetables) for about 7 months.   I started him on daily green-smoothies (I eat a 95% raw diet with green smoothies), along with his other holistic supplements, when he was diagnosed.   He is doing FANTASTIC!   Better than I could ever have hoped for.

He gained his weight back, he takes his walks again, and regained his balance (before he looked like he was drunk).   His stomach healed and his UTI is gone, even though the antibiotics didn’t work (the vet wanted to put him on antibiotics for life!).   He loves his Green Smoothies!   When I get the blender out, he waits by the blender, then out to the back patio to lap it up.   He has not turned away from one yet!   In the rare instance where I make one for myself but don’t have time to give him his, he gets upset with me!   It’s hilarious!

We love our Green Smoothies!   I am new to your site but I love what I have seen so far.   Thanks for all you do!


Lisa and Syrus