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Should I Take Multivitamins? Part 2 of 2

If I were going to be a sailor on a ship for 6 months with no fruits or vegetables available, would I take a vitamin supplement? Sure I would. To avoid deficiency diseases like scurvy and rickets.

But living in this land of abundance, with fruits and vegetables from all over the world in 5 grocery stores within 5 miles of most of you reading this? Falling into that severe-deficiency range would be a travesty. Like if you were sitting in the middle of a freshwater stream dying of thirst.

We live in the most abundant period of time in the history of the world. Taking a pill to avoid eating highly available, powerhouse whole foods is downright silly. Only those foods come in the perfect, synergistic, complex packages that were designed (by nature and God) to be absolutely perfect for your biology.

Many years ago, I used to log everything I ate into a diet software. My whole-foods menus including daily homemade green drink yielded an A, in the software’s grading system. If I took a multivitamin once a day, my grade fell to a C! If I took it twice a day (as recommended on the box of the high-quality, expensive vitamin supplement), my grade plummeted to an F! Why? Because I was overdosing on lots of nutrients, and some of those overdoses are known to be toxic.

I get lots of email from well meaning readers wanting me to sell Juice Plus or at least tell them if they should take JP supplements. It is a multivitamin supplement that is derived from whole foods. Is it better? Probably.

I don’t sell network marketed or multi-level marketed (MLM) products. That’s because in order to be financially viable, a product needs to be sold for a MINIMUM of 800% of its cost of goods. The prices feel like highway robbery.

I could go into detail about how I know this, having formerly worked as a consultant in the MLM industry, but that would be sliding sideways more than I want to in this discussion. (I would invite you to disprove that, though–it’s an economic reality.)

Juice Plus being better than Centrum is like saying that Costco’s organic toaster pastries are better than Pop Tarts. Sure, but am I going to recommend them to you?

No. I’m going to recommend local apples, split peas, buckwheat, turnip greens, apricots, beets, sunflower sprouts.

If a multivitamin started as carrot juice before it got manufactured and processed and put in a pill form, well, that’s better than the supplement that can’t trace its genealogy back to any fruit or vegetable. But the pill can’t put the fiber back in or come anywhere close to replicating food. Just like baby formula does not come anywhere close to approximating the miraculous substances (colostrums, then breast milk) produced by the mother human for the baby human.

When I start selling multivitamins on this site, please stop reading it and tell your friends GreenSmoothieGirl sold out. (Don’t hold your breath because I won’t do it.)

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