Testimonial: green smoothies, whole foods, Crohn’s disease

I started drinking green smoothies everyday about a year and a half ago.  My neighbor told me about them and I attended your class in Idaho Falls.

My son was about 18 months old. He loves to drink them and has never had to go to the Dr. for a sick visit.  During my second pregnancy I drank a smoothie and ate a green salad everyday. My second son was born 7 weeks early weighing 5 lbs 5 oz.

He was so big, robust, and healthy his pediatrician said he had never seen a baby born this early do as well. He didn’t need oxygen and would nurse very strongly. They kept us in the NICU to observe him to make sure he would grow. Many of his nurses could not believe how fast the weight came off of me or how strong and healthy my baby was. I give credit to green smoothies and my green salad.

I have been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease for 8 years now. At one point I weighed 88 lbs (I am 5’8″).  I have tried pretty much every natural and medical way to get my health back. I played 3 varsity sports in High School and received a full ride scholarship to college for 2 of them, so I felt totally debilitated.

Having to sit at home and waste away I was going, well, running actually, to the bathroom 2-3 times an hour every day.  I was hospitalized and fed only through an IV.  I finally put on enough weight to become pregnant and started to get better, but I reached a peak and could not get over it and started to feel like I was slipping again.

I am so excited about your 12 step  program I am starting step 4 but I have skipped around a lot to get some healthy recipes and sprouting started in my diet.  I hope to be writing back to you some day in total remission from Crohn’s.

Already I have noticed fewer bowel movements in a day, maybe 5-6 total which is still too many but such a huge improvement from the 40+ each day my husband and I used to describe it as peeing out my bum because it was just liquid. Now it is formed.

I have a lot more energy which I need for my two kids and have an overall better outlook on life.  I am so thankful to you and your program it is so simple to follow and it really does taste good which is just amazing because a lot of “healthy” foods I tried in the past were too awful to eat. My husband will usually try and go back for seconds on everything I make from your book.

Here’s a picture of my son Blaise with his green mustache.

Melissa T.

two readers tell me how they feel, eating better

Just want to share two emails I got on the same day. Not just to show how fun my job is–hearing about how people are getting healthy and overcoming challenges–but also so that YOU, reading this, can feel the enthusiasm of Nina and Elise as they have begun to truly feel better by ramping up whole foods in their diet:

Thank you for these emails [she is referring to the GSG newsletter]- In spite of my shopping traffic on your site the past month, I’m not much of a spender. HOWEVER…. Getting back to basics with a great blender and wheat grinder as well as new ingredients has been really neat. Although weight loss wasn’t really my objective, I am losing weight and feeling better AND I’m accidentally converting others to “green smoothies” this has been a life-altering discovery for me and I just wanted to send a quick thank you!


Hello Robyn!

I just had to write and tell you thank you for writing your books, creating your web site and videos. My husband and I were introduced to green smoothies by a Naturopath who we have been working with. She has been working on a protocol for us but we do not have the money to pay her right now so having your book has given us the information we have been wondering about in the meantime.

We have been making the GS for about two months and have seen the weight fall off and we feel great! We are trying hard to learn how to move to a raw diet. With a three and one year old it is a perfect time to learn together!

We have been publicly drinking the GS and have shared the recipe and your web site with MANY people! We are in a church of about 60 families many with young children and we have converted about 1/4 so far. It has been shared on our Facebook page and trickled to some out of state friends. My husband is in the Navy and is getting some of the sailors that he works with to drink this goodness too!

I am passionate about learning about better nutrition and how it affects our body. I have been sharing with my friends about our changes and how they have helped so far. I have a few friends whose children are affected with allergies and other sicknesses that the doctors are just guessing at. I wish that I could transfer my brain to them so they could grasp what we have learned and just try eating that which God provided from the earth for us.

Thank you again for sharing your information! We would love to have you come visit us in Maine -I will do a bit of digging to see if there is a spot big enough to host you.


Elise G.

do you “make” your kids finish dinner?

The day after Halloween, I posted on my facebook page that I paid my kids $20 for their bag of candy, like I do every year, and then I threw it in the trash.

I got some indignant responses, saying, “Geez, at least give them to candy giveaway programs for the troops!” and the like.

(The two who said that are friends who were on my high school’s drill team. In other words, people who don’t know much about where I am now and what I do.)

Anyway, some of my fellow health nuts went, well, nuts on them. I was a non-participant in the ensuing debate, which you can see on my FB wall. But if I’d wanted to get all argumentative (I didn’t and don’t), I’d point out that if I don’t want to feed my kids poison, why would I want to feed it to the people defending my country? (Or anyone, for that matter. Death row inmates, maybe, if I could be really certain they are guilty.)

Yes yes, I know, the troops will get candy regardless–if not from me, from someone else. But that doesn’t mean I have to be a part of it.

(Have you seen the story about the burning Carnival cruise ship, and the people onboard who were “rescued” with a delivery of Spam and Pop Tarts? LOL!)

The other day at my tennis workout, Laura, one of my teammates and a friend of mine for 20+ years said, “Robyn, I went all Red today.” (She’s speaking of one of my favorite subjects, Taylor Hartman’s Color Code, which you may google at will. Everyone close to me knows you have to understand the Code or you won’t speak my language. I eventually buy any friend who doesn’t “get it” The Book. Which is now inexplicably renamed–for political correctness?–The People Code.)

Anyway, Laura’s daughter Gabby came home from school saying that her friend gave her the brownie out of her school lunch. (I’m talking about the lunch they SELL at school.) So Gabby had two brownies–her own and the friend’s. Gabby was about to throw them away when the lunch lady said, “You’re not going anywhere until you finish your lunch” and required Gabby to eat everything, including the two brownies. “I almost threw up!” Gabby reported to Laura.

Laura was incensed and described the incident wherein she pointed her finger in the principal’s face about this (she’s a White/Yellow! out of character!) and had a little chat with him about the lunch lady.

I said this, separating the “making” kids do it issue from the junk food issue. “Yeah, um. I require my kids to finish their salad, veggies, fruits. If they don’t want whatever ELSE we’re having, like whole-wheat pasta with pesto, for instance–I don’t care.”

I often have this debate with someone in my life who regularly reiterates the mantra that children shouldn’t be “forced” to do anything. I agree that it’s not only pointless, but also impossible, to force anyone to do anything. (I’ve written before about the unforgettable experience I had many years ago, watching a friend of mine force-feed her son a hot dog, because she was terrified he wasn’t getting enough protein.) But could it be that this argument often functions as a smokescreen for the real issues:

Are we willing to parent? Do we take a stand on things we think are important? Requiring a child to do something she’ll learn from–for example, complete homework, eat foods containing live enzymes, treat others with respect–isn’t a bad thing. Are they “forced” (negative word) just because it’s required and there’s a consequence for non-compliance attached? We adults are all required to do things every day. Forced? No, but our feet are held to the fire, and if we choose badly, negative consequences follow. I’m pretty sure you and I work part of every day to pay the rent of some folks sitting behind bars thanks to this very principle.

“Well, sure,” Laura said, “it’s one thing to require your own child to finish her carrots.” But a bunch of junk food? She told the principal, “A brownie is a waste from the minute it is created! After you eat it the rest of the day is about getting RID of it.” (There’s that consequence thing rearing its ugly head again.)

And Laura, my friends, isn’t a health-food fanatic. She’s just a regular mom. She’s at her ideal weight and incredibly fit. Disciplined about food consumption like no one else I know. Laura’s is one of the testimonials in my book The Green Smoothies Diet. She’d been told she was pre-diabetic until she started green smoothies. She has brought one to the gym every morning for the past few years since I taught them to her. She takes one to a handicapped woman in her neighborhood, regularly, and she evangelizes for green smoothies constantly. When one of the dozens of women we play tennis with at the club asks, “WHAT’S THAT?!” about her disposable see-through cup of sludge she’s drinking, she points at me. I take it from there.

Anyway, Laura continued, “When I see somebody nagging their kid to finish their Thanksgiving pie, I think, ‘Why? It’s PIE!”

She said it, not me. Well, now I know I can confide in Laura, at least, if not the popular girls from high school, that I dump all the Halloween candy in the trash. (Lest you think I’m an ogre, let me say this: I do let the kids keep three pieces.)

Your thoughts?

so sad we have to cut off the Green ‘Stache photos!

Mason, Madison: Utah

Charlie: North Carolina

Asher, Lily: Texas

Konner: United Kingdom

Holly: New Mexico

And with that (sniff! sob!) rounding it out, I have to cut off the photos that can be in The Big Book of Green Smoothies. We have soooooo many cute kids proving that children can, in fact, eat lots of raw fruits and veggies after all! So much for the AVERAGE American kid, who eats 1 serving daily–half of that dismal quantity being in the form of fried potato products and ketchup!

When you get your copy of the Big Book, do show the dozens of photos to your kids. Those of you who studied child development know that in latency, your child’s locus of influence shifts from PARENTS to PEERS. I had this driven home when, early in this site’s history, I got a number of emails of parents responding to my daughter’s photo on the homepage. She was 12 years old and was holding a green smoothie and flexing her bicep.

Parents said something like this: “My daughter was awed and wanted to be buff like your daughter–that day she drank a green drink for the first time!” The influence of peers is priceless. Children are far more likely to follow the example of a slightly-older child than the example of an adult.

Keep sending your photos, if you like (support123@greensmoothiegirl.com), always always–and we’ll run them here on the blog eventually. If you have a story, tell it to me.

More gorgeous kids who said “GREEN!” for the camera! (Same vowel sound as “CHEESE!” but a lot healthier.)

Heath: Tennessee

Ella: Virginia

Marcella: South Carolina

Karys: Canada

Blaise: Utah

Teja: Utah

Here’s a photo and cool story I got last week from a reader named Lynn in New Hampshire. If you can’t tell, my favorite stories are the ones that scientifically QUANTIFY health gains, like this one. Add a photo, with kids in it? Rockin’ my world, Lynn, my friend! Thank you. Anyone who sends me their story about what happened when they adopted whole foods, I will eventually run it. (I have lots of content backed up sometimes, but you’ll eventually see it here on the blog, is read by four figures daily—so you will inspire others with your words of wisdom. Help me here—people don’t want to hear my voice every single day!)

Dear GreenSmoothieGirl,

Here are two of my seven children, Shoshanna and Josiah, enjoying their green smoothies.

I also have a testimonial.  I bought your 12 Steps book about 2 months ago, and watched some of the DVD with my children.  My 13 year old daughter seems to come down with colds easily, and has come to realize that when she cuts out sugar and eats healthier, she feels better.  So for the last month we’ve been drinking the green smoothies.  Now if I miss a couple days and Hannah starts to feel something coming on, she starts to nag me about making green smoothies.

Now for my story.  A little over a month ago, I had a horrible pounding headache.  My friend asked if I had taken my blood pressure, which I proceeded to do and it was 156/98.  Yikes!  I was bound and determined that I was going to start following your plan from that moment on.  A few days after eating lots of veggies, my BP was 128/84.  Well, over the next weekend, it seemed we were out a lot and not eating the greatest and I took my blood pressure and it was 200/100. Wow!  That really scared me and since then I have cut out sugar and processed foods.

It has been a process, but now my BP is consistently going down to the 120’s over 70’s.  I do notice that when I am not consistent with the green smoothies that my BP tends to creep up a little.  I am convinced this works!  My daughter and I have been having fun making many of your recipes.  The other children also enjoy the green smoothies, including my 15 year old son!

I am benefiting tremendously from your books, DVD’s and YouTube videos.  You have taken out the unknown factor by showing me step-by-step what to do and HOW to do it!

Thanks so much!


Your kids in the Big Book of Green Smoothies

Not only did a lot of you contribute a recipe to the Big Book of Green Smoothies (when we put it together as an e-book), but now these readers have contributed the most-darling photos ever of their children with green mustaches!

(And about three Hot Pink mustaches!)

If your child isn’t in this alphabetized list below, I don’t have your permission in writing to me–so I won’t use it even if you’ve sent me your photo in the past. Hurry now to send your cute kiddo’s photo to support123@greensmoothiegirl.com, child’s first name, parent/grandparent’s first name, state/country you live in, and permission to print it. No other identifiers will accompany the photos on this blog or in the book. And, when it releases, you can request a free copy.

Adrienne: Utah

Aengus: Pennsylvania

Audrey: North Carolina

Bailey: Idaho

Briella: Utah

Cameron, Isaac, Macey: Washington

Charles: Australia

Elena: Utah

Elisha, Emily: California

Evangeline: Washington

Heath, Madi: Nebraska

Ian: Indiana

Isaiah: Utah

Jack: California

Jake: Oregon

Jakob, Gracy, Lexy, Ethynn: Nevada

Jaxon: Utah

Jessica: Utah

Jillian: Utah

Justin: Georgia

Justin: Canada

Kevin: Utah

Kiya: Michigan

Luz: Utah

Manny: Utah

Mia, Lexi: Switzerland

Peyton, Avery: Florida

Ruby: Missouri

Savannah, Jake, Zach: Utah

Shoshanna, Josiah: New Hampshire

Tessa: California

Abby: Utah

Simon: Minnesota