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date syrup winners

Jenni asked me to post that we did have two rapid-fire readers who won date syrup–thanks to all the rest of you who wrote. Don’t forget you can get 25% off from using the coupon code “greensmoothiegirl” through the day after TGiving! Congrats to Camille B., April E.!

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do you “make” your kids finish dinner?

The day after Halloween, I posted on my facebook page that I paid my kids $20 for their bag of candy, like I do every year, and then I threw it in the trash. I got some indignant responses, saying, “Geez, at least give them to candy giveaway programs for the troops!” and the like. […]

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so sad we have to cut off the Green ‘Stache photos!

Mason, Madison: Utah Charlie: North Carolina Asher, Lily: Texas Konner: United Kingdom Holly: New Mexico And with that (sniff! sob!) rounding it out, I have to cut off the photos that can be in The Big Book of Green Smoothies. We have soooooo many cute kids proving that children can, in fact, eat lots of […]

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write us, win free date syrup

I posted a Date Syrup giveaway offer several months ago. Here’s another one: check out the recipe below in an email from Colleen at And if you want a free bottle of date syrup, write us at (We won’t have time to write everyone back, but the first two will get a free […]

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Our holiday book released last week: here are coupon codes!

Desi and I are excited that our four-color Healthy Holiday Favorites book is now in print! (I announced that via newsletter last week, but we did have some issues with shipping which are now fixed.) Check out this video of Des and me making Chia Snowballs, an easy, quick, and SO-YUMMY recipe from this book. […]

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More gorgeous kids who said “GREEN!” for the camera! (Same vowel sound as “CHEESE!” but a lot healthier.)

Heath: Tennessee Ella: Virginia Marcella: South Carolina Karys: Canada Blaise: Utah Teja: Utah Here’s a photo and cool story I got last week from a reader named Lynn in New Hampshire. If you can’t tell, my favorite stories are the ones that scientifically QUANTIFY health gains, like this one. Add a photo, with kids in […]

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Your kids in the Big Book of Green Smoothies

Not only did a lot of you contribute a recipe to the Big Book of Green Smoothies (when we put it together as an e-book), but now these readers have contributed the most-darling photos ever of their children with green mustaches! (And about three Hot Pink mustaches!) If your child isn’t in this alphabetized list […]

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update: how did GreenSmoothieGirl juice bars do?

As you know, on about Oct. 6, the first two GreenSmoothieGirl bars opened in the Roxberry franchises in Highland and American Fork, Utah. 77 of y’all came in with the coupons I handed out. In that first 4 weeks, 370 green smoothies were served, and the owners, the Jackmans, are pumped. They said raw foodists […]

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Vegas Green Smoothie Baby

This past Saturday Oct. 16, I was visiting my son in Vegas. I made green smoothies for everyone while I was there.  14 mth. old Adrienne seemed to really enjoy the sample her mother had given her off her cup. While we were busy, Adrien found her way to her sister’s unattended cup, and we […]

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Rachel’s baby’s green smoothie mustache

From reader Rachel: Hello!  I’m writing to say that I’ve been drinking green smoothies for about 2.5 months and am happy to say that I’m hooked!  I started giving them to my 1 year old son and he LOVES them!  He used to cry when I’d turn on the blender b/c the noise scared him.  […]

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