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More gorgeous kids who said “GREEN!” for the camera! (Same vowel sound as “CHEESE!” but a lot healthier.)

Heath: Tennessee Ella: Virginia Marcella: South Carolina Karys: Canada Blaise: Utah Teja: Utah Here’s a photo and cool story I got last week from a reader named Lynn in New Hampshire. If you can’t tell, my favorite stories are the ones that scientifically QUANTIFY health gains, like this one. Add a photo, with kids in […]

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Your kids in the Big Book of Green Smoothies

Not only did a lot of you contribute a recipe to the Big Book of Green Smoothies (when we put it together as an e-book), but now these readers have contributed the most-darling photos ever of their children with green mustaches! (And about three Hot Pink mustaches!) If your child isn’t in this alphabetized list […]

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Vegas Green Smoothie Baby

This past Saturday Oct. 16, I was visiting my son in Vegas. I made green smoothies for everyone while I was there.  14 mth. old Adrienne seemed to really enjoy the sample her mother had given her off her cup. While we were busy, Adrien found her way to her sister’s unattended cup, and we […]

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Rachel’s baby’s green smoothie mustache

From reader Rachel: Hello!  I’m writing to say that I’ve been drinking green smoothies for about 2.5 months and am happy to say that I’m hooked!  I started giving them to my 1 year old son and he LOVES them!  He used to cry when I’d turn on the blender b/c the noise scared him.  […]

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baby Gary’s green smoothie mustache

Whenever my 7-m.o. old son, Gary (5 mo. in the picture), sees me with my  smoothie, he immediately wants some. He is now going on 8 months and  has never had a fever in his life. The few ‘colds’ he has gotten have  hardly even fazed him. I try to eat ‘healthy,’ but drinking green  […]

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may I publish YOUR child’s green smoothie mustache photo?

My favorite emails of all time (right up there with stories from those of you whose health has turned around from the green-smoothie habit) are GREEN SMOOTHIE MUSTACHE photos, of your cute kids. We are in process of publishing on paper, with beautiful photography, these four books that have formerly been e-books: Healthy Holiday Favorites […]

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hot-pink smoothie mustache

If you’ve been here a while, you know my favorite breakfast is my Hot Pink smoothie. This outrageously adorable little girl, Elena, just drank one. Got any better ideas to feed your little ones raw beets and carrots and have them still smiling like Elena is? This photo was sent in by a reader named […]

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Is it McDonald’s fault we’re fat?

You don’t have to look too far to find a photo of me at age 17 in my   McDonald’s uniform, thanks to a friend who has kept that for over 25 years. Let me say this: I HATE McDONALD’S. It’s the very worst of Americana. But I respect the free enterprise system that brought […]

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Making nut and seed milks

Jenni, my customer support lead, is gluten intolerant and taught me how to make coconut milk. Here’s my video on how to replace dairy milk with yummy and nutritious milks from sesame, almond, cashew, or even your shredded coconut from the group buy. Jenni makes coconut milk, and then, with the pulp left over in […]

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