so sad we have to cut off the Green ‘Stache photos!

Mason, Madison: Utah

Charlie: North Carolina

Asher, Lily: Texas

Konner: United Kingdom

Holly: New Mexico

And with that (sniff! sob!) rounding it out, I have to cut off the photos that can be in The Big Book of Green Smoothies. We have soooooo many cute kids proving that children can, in fact, eat lots of raw fruits and veggies after all! So much for the AVERAGE American kid, who eats 1 serving daily–half of that dismal quantity being in the form of fried potato products and ketchup!

When you get your copy of the Big Book, do show the dozens of photos to your kids. Those of you who studied child development know that in latency, your child’s locus of influence shifts from PARENTS to PEERS. I had this driven home when, early in this site’s history, I got a number of emails of parents responding to my daughter’s photo on the homepage. She was 12 years old and was holding a green smoothie and flexing her bicep.

Parents said something like this: “My daughter was awed and wanted to be buff like your daughter–that day she drank a green drink for the first time!” The influence of peers is priceless. Children are far more likely to follow the example of a slightly-older child than the example of an adult.

Keep sending your photos, if you like (, always always–and we’ll run them here on the blog eventually. If you have a story, tell it to me.

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