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Our holiday book released last week: here are coupon codes!

Desi and I are excited that our four-color Healthy Holiday Favorites book is now in print! (I announced that via newsletter last week, but we did have some issues with shipping which are now fixed.)

Check out this video of Des and me making Chia Snowballs, an easy, quick, and SO-YUMMY recipe from this book. (Okay, I’m just standing there playing Katie Couric/Rachel Ray while she slaves away, but anyway, we’re both IN the vid. Enjoy.)

This week, you can get $5 off 3 books if you’d like to give them as gifts. Use the coupon code holidaydiscount3.

You can get $10 off 6 books using the coupon code holidaydiscount6.

A fun gift idea would be to whip up some Chia Snowballs, cellophane wrap them, and give them with a Holiday Favorites book.

We hope you like our latest work proving that you don’t have to eat refined foods to enjoy the holidays!

Desiree is gluten intolerant and develops gluten free recipes. We’re working on a book to release in 2011 that isn’t just gluten free, but also WHOLE FOODS and plant-based. We’re avoiding the nutritional pitfalls common in many GF recipes. Because even if you haven’t been diagnosed as celiac or gluten intolerant, you would be smart to use our book and recipes to determine if gluten is a problem for you. (Often a problem with ADD kids and many other common disorders–and very difficult to diagnose, so the best thing is an elimination diet.)

Desiree’s new web site is

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