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update: how did GreenSmoothieGirl juice bars do?

As you know, on about Oct. 6, the first two GreenSmoothieGirl bars opened in the Roxberry franchises in Highland and American Fork, Utah.

77 of y’all came in with the coupons I handed out. In that first 4 weeks, 370 green smoothies were served, and the owners, the Jackmans, are pumped. They said raw foodists are coming into the store, parents are bringing even small children in, and people regularly tell them thank you for the new opportunity to eat tons of leafy greens the easy way.

I was out running errands just today and met a lady named Kristy was ecstatic that she got her first-ever GS at Roxberry and her 6-year old daughter loved it, so she’s now making them at home too.

(You have so many options, like adding fresh orange juice to it, or sprouted-whole-food protein powder. You can tell them what greens you want, or just kick back and let them make a GreenSmoothieGirl Classic, my everyday recipe.)

Roxberry owner Holly came over today for some Green Smoothies Diet books. (Get it there and avoid paying shipping here on–wow, did I really just say that??)

Holly said she and Mark were working the store a few days ago when a customer left with her green drink and said, “Tell your boss thanks so much–I love it!” We laughed our heads off about that. (I am not Mark and Holly’s boss, FYI.) I was just saying to one of my girlfriends the other day, “Sometimes I wish I had a boss! I miss handing off the problems to somebody else!”

Anyway, this week, you can mention the GreenSmoothieGirl blog and get $1 off ANY smoothie, Highland and American Fork only. It’s cold weather, so we don’t think about cold foods. But your body needs those 15 servings of greens and fruit even more in the wintertime than in the summer.

And….now that we know green smoothie bars within another storefront business can be successful, please send your local health food store owner, or juice bar, to us. Tell them we can bring more traffic in their store and help them easily provide another product that promotes excellent health. They should write us at

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