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vaccine convos: in doctor’s offices, at tennis

Today I hired a young newlywed named Trina, who trained in raw foods at Tree of Life Institute and whose mother is a friend of mine and neighbor who has been raw for over 10 years. (Thanks to everyone who applied–many of you are PERFECT, and I am keeping your contact info in case I need more help!)

Trina worked in a doctor’s office and was having to help inject babies with bacteria and chemicals all day, every day.

This was causing her no end of anguish and conflict. The last straw came when the office demanded she get a flu shot as a condition of employment and she chose to quit. “It was time to stand up for what I believe,” she said.

She wants to have a baby. She says that last year, the CDC said pregnant women shouldn’t get the flu shot, and this year they say everyone should get it. So the doctors’ office she works for fell in line behind the CDC in its about-face. This kind of  scattershot, whiplash policy should be just part of what gives us pause and makes us examine U.S.  vaccine policy and its relevance in our lives.

Today I was playing tennis with my team and a couple of coaches. I walked up as a coach, Peter, and a player named Gina were apparently discussing whether or not Peter should get a flu shot. This conversation ensued:

Gina: Robyn, do you get the flu shot?

Me: Nope. I was required to, when I worked at the State Hospital, and I’ve never been sicker in my life. That was in my 20’s, and I think I got sick 13 times that winter.

Peter: Everyone tells me that. I don’t think I’m going to get it.

Me: Well, it has a variety of toxic ingredients in it, which very possibly suppress your immune system right when you need it. And they put half a dozen or so strains of killed bacteria in there, but there are hundreds of strains that might take hold in the population, in any given year. Seems like a crapshoot to me.

Camille (another player nearby): Just please tell me that you get your KIDS immunized.

Gina and Me: (silence, we start practicing our serves again, and Camille starts to walk away)

Me: Why, you don’t like people who don’t immunize?

Camille (clearly trying to formulate a statement that isn’t too insulting): Well, they’re CRAZY.

Gina (after Camille walks away, in a whisper, to me): Do you immunize your kids?

Me (in a whisper): Nope.

Gina (still whispering): Me neither.

That was funny, but it’s too bad that this issue is so divisive that those of us who’ve studied this issue copiously have to feel like we’re at the Salem Witch Trials if we opt out of What Everyone Else Is Doing. To me, vaccines are the Emperor’s New Clothes. We’ve fallen for this complete insanity mostly because we have  collectively accepted it for so long that  most people don’t question it.

It seems insane to inject bacteria and chemicals, in more and more shots each year, into little babies, but hey, everyone’s doing it, so it must be okay.

It’s too bad that Trina finds herself trained in a field that she’s now edged out of, if she doesn’t want to inject her bloodstream (and her future baby’s, during gestation) with toxins every year. She says that anywhere she works in the medical field, the flu shot is now required.

Turns out one or two of the doctors at the practice she worked at don’t immunize their kids either. They, too, have to keep it on the downlow.

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