What I DON’T do, every day, in my family

So I admit (on a regular basis, actually) that I’m not perfect. Anyone who knows me and sees the inside of my fridge, and what I do on vacation, knows that I “walk the talk.” I really do the stuff I teach, and I do it consistently. But I am also human. If I indulge, it’s generally going to be in a restaurant on the weekend, or on vacation.

That said, I’m good but imperfect at the “Do’s” but pretty great at the “Don’ts”. These are half a dozen things I NEVER buy:

  1. Soda
  2. Processed meat (or meat of any kind, except when I’m cooking for company and they expect it)
  3. Hot dogs (I know that’s redundant with #2, but really. REALLY! Please don’t eat hot dogs. I am not sure how they ever became known as food.)
  4. Fried foods
  5. Fast food (anything bought in a drive-thru)
  6. Refined oils and fake fats (shortening, margarine, vegetable oil, “fat free” spreads, etc.)

The “DON’Ts” are easier than the DO’s.  Just don’t buy them.