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here’s why this year’s group buy should be so much better than last’s

So Oct. 25 we plan to kick off the group buy, watch here for the  official announcement. It will end Nov. 30. We learned a lot last year and have lots of improvements.

  1. We will have product on hand so that we can ship within a week. Arriving to you within two weeks. No waiting for a month or more while we gather orders and THEN place orders with vendors, etc. (Orders over 800 lbs. may take a bit longer.)
  2. We were in a shopping cart that didn’t work well for shipping products. Now we have a better one. No more accidentally sending to the billing address, etc.
  3. Utah residents will pay only 3% tax on food. (We couldn’t figure out how last year. It will show up as S&H rather than tax.)
  4. You’ll be charged the actual amount of what FedEx Ground costs–instead of the three graduated tiers like last year. (That was kind of clunky and those on the West Coast overpaid.)
  5. We might ship to Canada–100 lb. orders of raw almonds only–will announce this later if we can pull it off. You have to deal with any taxes/fees from Customs, on your end, Canadians. Not very expensive to ship Western and Central Canada, pretty pricey to ship to the East Coast.
  6. We have some cool new products. Like Sun Drenchers all-raw, vegan salad dressings, which blow my mind, 3-year shelf life. Like 4-oz. tubes of no-fluoride, no-sulfates natural toothpaste for $1.25/tube–less than the cheapest grocery store brands! (While supplies last.) Like 4 of our Massage XPIII units (I love mine on an airplane or while I work at my PC) for $40 off, per unit. And more . . .
  7. Your minimum is 50 lbs. of almonds rather than 100 lbs.

8. Rex isn’t working for us any more. Enough said if you had to deal with him last year.

And forms for you to collect orders from your network and get your own high-nutrition pantry items free, are HERE.