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group buy kicking off Monday

Here are the highlights of this year’s group buy. We kick it off Monday. Watch here.

Bottom line–I WON’T CARRY IT unless it’s a hard-to-find product I highly approve of for your high-nutrition kitchen, and less expensive than ANYWHERE else.

Unpasteurized almonds can’t be had for any price. We go through contortions to obtain this for you, and an individual cannot purchase more than 100 lbs. We are facilitating your transaction with a California rancher. Thus you must enter the customer name for each 100# in your order. Costco’s and other retailers’ “raw” almonds? That just means “not roasted.” Those nuts have still been pasteurized. Enzymes die with pasteurization (far above 116 degrees) and pasteurized almonds cannot germinate.

Toothpaste is $5 or more in health food stores. It’s $1.25 per unit in our group buy (24 tubes in a case). Contains no fluoride, sugar, or sulfates. Ingredients include xylitol, stevia, aloe vera.

A gallon of extra-virgin, organic coconut oil from my certified source is less than $42. Perfect for baking, and it’s my only skin moisturizer.

A gallon of dark, raw, organic agave is less than $33.

A Sun-Drenchers case of 12 bottles of raw, vegan salad dressing is $1.50 – $3 / bottle less than you can get it ANYWHERE else. And most of you can’t get salad dressing like this ANYWHERE, it’s so new. You will be addicted. It will make you crave salad! No chemicals or refined sweeteners, and only cold-pressed oils.

Awesome discounts on SPROUTED, brown-rice protein powder from SunWarrior, $9/unit less than anywhere else. Whole foods, live and raw, and it’s silky-smooth–my son loves it and has “bulked up” a lot this year adding it to smoothies daily (2 over-the-fence home runs this season). Vanilla, chocolate, or natural.

Extra virgin olive oil, incredible quality and lasts years on the shelf in these tins–only $25 for a gallon tin!

Ormus Greens (my favorite powdered greens product) $11.50 per unit less than anywhere, retail!

Great prices on common ingredients in my whole-foods recipes: organic shredded coconut, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, cashew pieces, sesame seeds, chia seeds, flaxseed, chopped dates, shredded coconut, walnuts.

Save $15-$20 on a 3-pack of natural sunscreen (no carginogenic chemicals)–tinted or original.

Save $20 a ten-pack of xZubi Neutralizers (protection from radiation from cell phones, microwaves, PC monitors, etc.).

Save $40 per unit on four Massage XPIII units–my fave stress relief in the car, working at the computer, on an airplane, I LOVE this gadget.

What I’m NOT doing this year because prices were crazy: pecans, apricots.

You have a 50 lb. almond minimum to participate (the last two years, it was 100 lb. minimum).

Canadians: I don’t know yet. Stay tuned. I might offer 100 lbs. of almonds only (but let us get into the U.S. transactions and if they go smoothly for a couple of weeks, we’ll ship to Canada the last few weeks).