drink your GS before you get in a freeway pileup

My son Tennyson was in a five-car pileup on I-15, and the car he was in (his baseball coach’s) was totaled.

A few interesting points. One reason no one was seriously injured is that when the coach slammed on the brakes and barely missed the car in front of him, he then put the hand brake on. Smart! The car that then slammed into the back of them broke out all the windows, front and back. (This is salient because of what happens I will tell you about at the end of this post.)

I have torn my hair out for many years trying to get  Ten  to wear a seatbelt. Until a few months ago, I had to tell him to put it on Every. Single. Time. we got in the car. Sometimes over and over. In total frustration, I promised my son a $3 prize if he would wear his seatbelt, without being told, 30 days in a row.

(Someone close to me made fun of me for that. Said I was cheap to offer such a lame reward.)

Why did I do this? Because supposedly, a habit is formed in 21 days. I made it 30 days, just to be safe. Not only did Tennyson earn the $3 prize, he has never had to be told to put his seatbelt on again.

Ironclad habit.

Kinda came in handy! I wasn’t even there to nag, and his coach didn’t tell him either. He wore the seatbelt on his own. Consequently he didn’t acquire a serious neck injury.

Let’s extrapolate. Put greens and fruit in your blender every morning when you first wake up, take it to work with you, 30 days in a row, and maybe you’ll never stop getting 15 servings of raw plant food again. Maybe, too, you’ll lose 18 lbs. like the average person in my study who lost weight did.

The coach, Jeff, whose car was totalled, recently read The Green Smoothies Diet and started feeding his family GS. His son Dallin, my son’s teammate, had just finished his green smoothie on the way to the game. At the time of the accident, he was eating his scrambled eggs.

My son tells me that scrambled eggs were found in both the car in front in the pileup, and the car behind!

I’m not sure what the moral of the story is. A variation on Green Eggs and Ham? Green Smoothies and Scrambled Eggs, on a boat, with a goat, in a freeway pileup? Could’ve been worse. Imagine the scene if he’d been drinking the green smoothie  on impact.