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Photos of 4 classes last week

Thanks to all the locals who came to my classes this week at the Good Earth (my second home!) in Orem, Provo, Riverdale, and Sandy. It was great fun–see photos below.

Thanks to The Good Earth, especially Lainy, for providing all the demo ingredients, and undertaking the pretty huge task of accommodating everyone in sometimes challenging circumstances that involved my friends sitting on buckets or milk crates. Thank you to Sun Warrior who gives me my favorite things so I can give them away to you when I teach–Ormus Greens and sprouted brown-rice protein powder.

I will see about Good Earth sponsoring again in January when all your friends and family who missed it are feeling BLOATED AND BLEH after the holidays and are motivated to clean up their act and get healthy. Love you all, thanks for spending an evening with me!

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