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Come early tonight! And, a time-saving tip.

Thanks for your patience if  you came to my Riverdale show last night. Especially those 65 of you who sat in the aisles on milk crates or stood along all the walls when all the seats were full.  And thanks for being patient with fussy babies—you know I WANT THOSE YOUNG MOMS THERE, and you know why! (The moms of the two fussy babies in our audience in Provo eventually sat down and put the babies under their shirts. I’m a big fan of a mom being able to do that anywhere she wants–including in my class! Love it when young mamas do right by their babies. Go you!)

Anyway,  you were patient  & accommodating, and thank  you for coming to my class to learn about living a green  life.

If  you’re coming to my gig in SANDY tonight, we have the most RSVP’s of this whole week, so come early if you want an actual chair.

I will post photos of all 4 events this weekend, so look for yourself! The photography is amateur (I just hand my camera to someone willing to take a few photos), so forgive that please.

Here’s something I’ve been doing that makes me happy because it’s so efficient:

When I wake up in the morning, I get a quart jar. I fill it half-full of alkaline water. I stir in a spoonful of Ormus Greens and add a teaspoon of sole. (See Ch. 10 of 12 Steps about sole.) (I also add 3 drops of Lugol’s solution, which is iodine, which I get from my hormone clinic’s pharmacy, which is a thing I personally need. Most people do, in fact. If you write about it, we’ll just have to tell you, “Get tested by your bio-identical hormone clinic.”)

Anyway. So I drink that first thing in the morning. 30 to 60 minutes later, into that SAME quart jar, I pour my Hot Pink smoothie (see Ch. 10), 400 calories and just amazing nutrition, right out of the blender. And I drink it on the way to drop my high schooler off and go to the gym.

A couple of hours later, I’m home, and I bring that quart jar inside. I make a blenderful of green smoothies, and pour mine into that SAME quart for its third use of the day. I put a lid on it and put it in the fridge.

I’ve been serving my kids their kefir-blended-with-banana for breakfast in a pint jar, and then re-filling them with green smoothies, which I then cap and put in the fridge.

This has been my routine lately. I change my routine sometimes based on my family’s needs, but that’s been working really well and keeping dish-cleaning to a minimum.

(Oh, and I have a few bottle washers on hand because we use them so much. The little bristly thing, not the people.)

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