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My next 2 lectures + Sneaky Evil Genius Mom idea

If you’re coming to my lecture in Riverdale tonight, or Sandy tomorrow night, please come a little early if you want a seat. In Orem and Provo the past two nights, all seats were gone before 7 p.m., and we had people sitting on the floor by me and in the back and all along the walls. In both cases, people went away because it was too crowded. I am really sorry about that. So come early, and please don’t send anyone to RSVP because we have 100 RSVP’d for both locations and nowhere near that many seats. I will ask Good Earth about hosting again in January, and I’ll catch your friends then. Sorry sorry sorry.

So I had a stroke of evil genius in my kitchen just now. My 17-y.o. son has developed very impressive upper-body muscle mass this year doing nothing more than using Sun Warrior fermented/sprouted, raw, brown-rice protein powder, in a shake before bed. Have I mentioned the home runs he’s hit this season, including one that was 40 feet over the center field fence (the deepest point)? Point is, he’s gotten STRONG–on a plant-based diet.

When I make his evening protein shake, I use frozen young coconut meat, homemade sprouted-almond milk, and I slip in some Ormus Greens when he’s not looking. When he makes it, it’s all very nutritious, since there are no bad options here in my house. He uses lots of homemade kefir, frozen fruit, raw chocolate, raw honey, cashews, almond butter, etc.

Anyway, back to the Stroke of Evil. Genius I mean. I saw the Sun Warrior protein powder right next to the Sun Warrior Ormus Greens on my counter. I grabbed a spoon, dumped two big scoops of Ormus Greens into the protein powder, and stirred it in really well.


Now I don’t have to care whether he makes it, or I do. (In the past, I’ve angled for ways to be the one to make the shake for him, at night–just to maximize its nutrition.) Either way, he’s going to get some phenomenal extra green nutrition.

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