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First-ever Green Smoothie Girl franchises now open! Coupon here.

Holly is this gorgeous raven-haired woman I met at my Spanish Fork class a

few months ago. She came up to me afterward and said, “We want to be your

first franchisees.”

So . . . drum roll please . . . you can now buy your daily quart of green

smoothies, 15 servings of raw greens and fruit . . . at the Roxberry stores

in American Fork and Highland. Check out the video here:

You can get a Buy 9, Get 1 Free card—you can go through the

drive-thru—and you can call your order in so it’s ready early! Turn your

brain off and get a GSG Original, or be picky and creative with a GSG


Here’s a challenge for you: report back when you find a better way to spend

five bucks.

Mark and Holly Jackman are parents of 5. We have been enjoy watching our

sophomore daughters play soccer against each other at Lehi and Timpanogos

High Schools-on 9/21, they played opposing positions guarding each other.

Good times! Then when I was in the store to make this video, Kira said she

had a bruise on her leg from my daughter Emma accidentally high-kicking and

cleating her. Well. Sorry about that. Way to play tough soccer, Kira and Em!

Here’s the menu-see the addresses and phone numbers at the bottom. And

here’s my video showing how cool the Roxberry stores are. (I want to have

the orange juicer in my house to play with all day). These two Roxberry

stores also carry my books and whole-foods lifestyle course.

I will announce grand-opening events soon. Meantime, go in with this coupon

at the bottom of today’s blog entry, for $1 off!

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