more M.D. reaction to the China Study

I went to a baby shower, at a restaurant,  for one of my tennis teammates this week. I got to chatting with Sherston, whose husband is the orthopedic surgeon recommended to me recently on facebook. When I posted about my podiatrist wanting me to undergo surgery for my running- and tennis-induced plantar fasciitis.

(After reading that on facebook–thank you Becky, whose M.D. husband’s practice hosted my class recently–I told Sherston. Without my even asking, she  dialed her husband up on her cell phone after our workout–he has a 3-month wait list!–and put me on the phone with him to ask my questions.  Wow!)

Anyway, I loved Dr. Faux, because he advised heavily against surgery even though that’s what he does. (I wasn’t really considering it anyway, but that’s interesting when a surgeon says that the rate of complications for foot surgery is enormous, and suggests I do at least six months of physical therapy first.)

So back to the baby shower–Sherston saw what was on my plate and said, “Are you a vegetarian?” I answered, and  she said, “My husband [Dr. Faux] read The China Study and now he won’t eat meat or dairy products. I make it for dinner and he just skips it.”

I love when medical professionals are health-oriented, acknowledge the risks of very invasive procedures and drugs, and undertake lifestyle changes to prevent disease and promote health.