The Adventures of Junk Food Dude, illustrated

I’m just back from a 24-mi. Saturday bike ride in the beautiful Heber Valley, with GSGs Nicole and Angie. Nicole taught me about a “farmer blow.” (You don’t want to know. It’s for when you’re biking in the cold and don’t have a tissue. Don’t ride downwind of her, is all I’m sayin. Just teasing, Nicole–riding in your draft is awesome!) A flock of cranes, a flock of hot air balloons, the most beautiful red-and-orange scenery, made me whoop out loud.

I wanted to show off that my children’s nutrition book is well on its way to being illustrated. I’m so excited! Through the use of a narrative, children learn about not just principles of good basic nutrition, but they also learn their choices have power and impact in their own and others’ lives.

Lori Sume illustrated big posters announcing my four children’s births, that are framed and have been hanging on their bedroom walls their whole lives. She’s so gifted with art for this age group, 3 to 10.

So I just had to share some of the first pages with you. What do you think? Pre-order here for autographed copies when it comes out.