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Good Earth hosting my class, Oct. 5-8

If you saw me with a big ridiculous grin driving down State in Orem a few days ago, that’s because I’d just read an email on my blackberry, from the brass at Good Earth, saying they are “so excited” to host my class in 4 stores, 7 pm each date. RSVP for the free classes by clicking here:

Oct. 5 Orem

Oct. 6 Provo

Oct. 7 Riverdale

Oct. 8 Sandy

And they said they want to carry my 12 Steps to Whole Foods course, which they reviewed and are “very impressed.” Can’t stop my joy from oozing out over the place, since this is THE whole-foods chain in my hometown, and until now, the only local holdout on catching my vision/mission!

Speaking of driving. Side note, a little funny, mostly disturbing:

Somebody wrote my customer support girls through the site. Said they saw someone in a green car, who looks “similar” to the chick in the videos on my site, almost kill a pedestrian, “slalom” around cars, and ignore outraged motorists, while talking merrily on her cell phone. Jenni wrote the person back that I don’t own a green car and that several people besides me have been given permission to put “” in their back window.

I didn’t really think it through when I said yes to those requests, but hey, love you guys who promote GSG, but slow down a little, yeah?

And whoever took my 12 Steps program into the Sandy store, where manager Christine reviewed it, leading to Good Earth contacting me as detailed above, THANK YOU! I have some XOXO for you, so let me know if that was you!