Mid-life crisis? Forget that! Mid-Life Mojo, part 1 of 2

One thing that frustrates me is when people my age forget something, or can’t keep up with their kids physically or whatever, and they say versions of this:

“Well, I’m old!”

When did we come to accept that we are “old” in our 40’s? Please join me in rejecting this notion! There are accounts in the Bible of people living to be 800 years old. So obviously somewhere we went wrong. We have every living plant food on Earth available to us, in a market within 5 miles, and we all have a car to go get them. I think my writings and research to this point have shown that plant foods (plus breaking a sweat almost every day) are the fountain of youth.

So why start slowing down, some even screeching to a halt, in our 40’s and 50’s?

One of my favorite things is getting emails from folks who are 60 or even 80 years old. They tell me how dramatic their health improvements are, from following my program and enjoying the foods their bodies were designed to eat.

The point is, IT’S NEVER TOO LATE! You can turn it around RIGHT NOW.

I was friends with Kristi for years before she finally decided to try GS. Once she did, she was hooked. She still eats gobs of candy, but she’s noticed huge benefits from just the GS habit. She told me recently that last time she went to Oklahoma to visit her sister, she bought GS ingredients and made them during her visit. This time she was PMS-ing and just ate all the donuts and waffles and junk–and she was so sick she almost used the barf bag on the plane home.

I love how experimenting with good nutrition teaches us powerful things. Even if it took us YEARS, even DECADES, of rolling our eyes at the health-nut weirdos, before we decided to join them. (I have a number of friends who thought I was a weirdo 15 years ago and have since then joined me and even brought family and friends along.)

Do you have a bucket list? Put, “Start a daily green smoothie habit” at the top of that list. After that, add,”Shift to a whole-foods diet in one year.” Some of my bucket list, tomorrow.