I’ve Got the Magic In Me!

Do you know this song? It’s called Magic, by B.o.B.

If that doesn’t turn your bad mood around, listen to this OTHER song also called Magic, by Selena Gomez, too.

Sometimes when I’m in here on my PC working, I play Magic and bust out all my dance moves. (The ones that embarrass my kids.) Jump out of my chair and just kick it for a while. These songs are so awesome I can’t stand it.

I’ve got the magic in me. It comes from whole plant foods. They make me glow, they make me dance, they make me bust out smiling for no reason, they help me see good things even in the hard times in life. They are magical!

It’s perfect, living, expansive nutrition, delivered directly to organs, tissues, blood, and bone, with the cell walls crushed and all the micronutrients immediately available. It makes me SO HAPPY to think that my kids went to school this morning with amazing nutrition now feeding their brain so they can learn.

Enjoy. Go ahead. Nobody can see you. Dance! You’ve gotta do SOMETHING with all that energy!