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Green Smoothie Girl bars opening soon

Raymond Leggett posted this on the GreenSmoothieGirl fanpage on facebook:

In 6 weeks of doing my program of green smoothies, he’s lost 40 lbs. and feels better than he has in 30 years. If you want to know more, he says others around him are copying him–so “friend” him on facebook and maybe he’ll answer your questions. Cool!

Four random announcements:

#1: I just had a meeting with the owner of the smoothie shops who are opening the FIRST-EVER GREEN SMOOTHIE GIRL BARS. I’m holding the details until the launch, but get excited if you live anywhere near American Fork or Highland, Utah! You can buy 10 smoothies in advance (if you want, to avoid lines/paying), call your customized order in, and even go through the drive-thru! The healthiest “fast food” on the planet.

I will be doing a grand opening event with them, so watch here for news.

I’ve robbed you of your “I can’t afford it” excuse ($2.50 to make your own quart a day, buying everything retail). And now I’m taking away the “I don’t have time” excuse. Locals, anyway.

If you know smoothie shop owners and want to be able to purchase your daily GS instead of make it, have them write us at We will promote the heck out of their shop here at GSG and help them make good nutrition more accessible and send more people into their store.

#2: First-ever retreat will be April 22-23 next year. More deets on that later too.

#3: Four Good Earth stores hosting my class in October (Utah/Salt Lake counties), dates/times TBA here soon.

#4: I am going to start doing a lot of VIDEO BLOGGING within the next few weeks. Less writing–okay, I’ll always write–but anyway, MORE SHORT VIDEOS. Subscribe to the GSG channel on YouTube if you haven’t already. It’s free. And I’ll link to videos here too.

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